The Danish Riviera

Love on a bike

Vacation in North Sealand

Welcome to Home of Hamlet, Royal North Sealand and The Danish Riviera – all just a 30-minute train ride from Copenhagen

New York has the Hamptons – Copenhagen has The Danish Riviera

This is a perfect stay for a citybreak - lovely beaches, cycling routes and worldclass attractions. Just north of Copenhagen you will find the land of kings, castles and beaches. Visit Kronborg Castle and enjoy the Hamlet Shakespeare Festival every summer in August. Experience great art at Louisiana - the Museum of Modern Art. Relax in the beautiful green surroundings with small beach hotels and fishing villages. Go on a gastronomic bike ride, visit a food festival and taste the seasonal delicacies. We have some of the best wineries, breweries and local food producers in Denmark. Get inspired for your next holiday, whether you prefer an active cycling holiday or a relaxing holiday at The Danish Riviera after a few days in Copenhagen

Royal, magic and private gardens

Explore gardens and parks that contain world-class art, and unique and magical parks that will invigorate all of your senses

Beautiful castles in North Sealand

North Sealand were the kings sanctuary. A king-respecting himself-built a castle. It was the visible proof of the power, glory and riches. The castles were used as resort and entertainment property, and banquet halls for weddings

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Film from North Sealand

North Sealand - the golf paradise

Relax for a few hours out on one of our golf courses. Some of them are among the country's best golf courses and there is a court for every temperament.

Events in North Sealand

In North Zealand there is a wealth of events throughout the year, so here you will find something for everyone.