A city with deep roots in history



Elsinore is a culture . World famous for Kronborg Castle, Shakespeare's Hamlet near Øresund, which was the basis for the city's prosperity for more than 400 years. In recent times was focused on Elsinore Shipyard - now converted to Culture Yard, a dynamic cultural center with concerts, theater, main library, etc. The Culture harbor, which is under construction with particular the new Maritime Museum, connects the Kronborg Castle with the center of Elsinore in an inspiring meeting between past and present.

Map of Elsinore

Helsingør Domkirke

The churches in Helsingør

Sankt Olai Cathedral is the town's oldest building. The oldest part of the cathedral dates from the 13th century, while the majority of the building dates from 1559. The cathedral is remarkable for its interior decorative art. 

Next to the cathedral lies Sct. Mariæ Church and Vor Frue Monastery, a Carmelite monastery that is one of the best preserved monasteries in the whole of the Nordic region.

Events in Elsinore

There are a lot of events in Helsingør during the year. This may give you some inspiration.


Kulturhavn Kronborg

Kronborg fortress with historical bastions and ravelins be restored, and the abandoned shipyard land transformed into a contemporary cultural area. This is the goal of the comprehensive development process that Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties and Elsinore Municipality has undertaken with support from Realdania.

Kulturhavn Kronborg is a landscape project that highlights Kronborg and opens Elsinore city towards the water.

The project ensures a thorough renovation and improvement of the area around Kronborg and creates the framework needed to transform the harbor and the Kronborg region from being dominated by shipbuilding industry to become a modern cultural center with the castle as an international landmark.

Kronborg Slot

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle in Elsinore is one of northern Europe's most important Renaissance castles. Known all over the world from Shakespeare's Hamlet.


The Culture Yard is the new community center in Elsinore. It is an exiting building containing a ship yard museum, library, concert hall and changing exhibitions.

Helsingør Drum Majorettes

Helsingør Drum Majorettes – Helsingør Pigegarde - was created in 1957 and thus one of Denmark's oldest. The Drum Majorettes march through Helsingør city every Friday from May to September, and as the "Pixie Majorettes " from the end of November until Christmas.

The Multipark in Helsingør

The Multi Park in Elsinore - is a 10,000 m2 activity park which house a number of popular unorganized sports activities

The Danish Museum of Science and Technology

The Museum is a paradise for curious children and adults. Here are family experiences at full power! You learn all about science, engineering and industry – including aviation.