Hamlet Live_Kronborg Slot

Shakespeare and Royal North Sealand

Well, you might have noticed. It says "King Hamlet" on the front photo. There has of cause never been a King Hamlet, but we do indeed have a Prince Hamlet and we do have Hamlets Castle, also known as Kronborg.

Kronborg is a magnificent castle and builds mostly by King Frederik II. His lavish parties were known all over Europe, and the citizens of Elsinore would always know when a toast was made at the castle, as the canons were then fired. An early form of Instagram, so to speak. The story goes that Shakespeare heard of these fantastic feasts from a travelling acting company, and decided but write a play taking place at this castle, so he might be invited as well. This might not be the truth, but the pieces fit, and it is a great story.

Today, the castle is open all year round and during summertime, Shakespeare is brought to live by English speaking actors performing Hamlet all over the castle, as you visit. During August, the Shakespeare Festival also takes place just outside, but with the castle as a fantastic background, and that is also quite an experience.

We recommend:

Visit the Renaissance town of Elsinore. Strolling along the old streets of Elsinore is like a step back in time. Some of the houses date back to the 15th century and are not only very charming, but they also give you a pretty good idea, of what life was like at the time of Shakespeare. More about Elsinore

Guided tour at Kronborg Castle, which can be tailormade and Hamlet Live. 
If you wish, dinner and all sorts of arrangements can be arranged at the castle. Even a canon salute - Kronborg Castle

Shakespeare Festival by Hamlet Scenen. Every year in the month of August, the local based theatre HamletScenen builds the stage by the moat with the stars as the ceiling and the castle lightened by the moon as the background. Then for a month, different plays of Shakespeare is performed - often with famous actors in the leading roles. As Hamlet, the list is long and very impressive, Jude Law, Richard Burton or Sir Laurence Olivier just to mention a few.

The shows can be extended with a picnic or introduction to the play. If you have any special requests -like a guided tour by a Hamlet character or an introduction to the castle or the performance, then please let us know. Hamlet Scenen