Rent a holiday house

In North Sealand, you will find several rental agencies that will help you to a wonderful holiday. The holiday homes are located on the beaches along the Danish Riviera, inland and close to towns like Hornbæk and Tisvildeleje or Liseleje

Spa and Wellness

Put on the thick, soft bathrobe, and go into a paradise of well-being, beauty treatments, aroma cures, swimming and hot tubs. Discover a wellness weekend where there is nothing else but pleasure and well-being of the program.

Challenge Your Friends

Your active holiday is planned to include a number of specific activities. But the plan is also flexible, allowing you to pick and choose what you do, and tailor your own holiday – and extend it with extra days, giving you the opportunity for an even more active holiday.

This programme is therefore a suggestion or a framework for how your holiday in North Zealand might look.

Wellness Hornbæk

Hornbæk is the place to revive your energy and spirit close to the sea, the beach and the forest. In addition to the lovely surroundings, Hornbæk offers several spa- and wellness facilities. 
Hornbæk is the place to gain spiritual well-being from nature combined with pleasant spa- and wellness experiences. 

Culture and love

Day 1

about 8 km cycling in total

Create Creative Desserts


• 17:00 Check into shared double rooms in Hotel Hillerød, located in the heart of beautiful and historical North Sealand. You will be served tea and a delicious dessert.
• Your evening meal will be at Italian restaurant Castello Rufo Ruffo in Hillerød, accompanied by music.

Sweet Company


• 16:00 Arrive at Helenekilde Badehotel in Tisvildeleje.
• 17:00 Coffee and tea and naturally, something deliciously sweet, served on the wonderful lounge terrace. Later, the hotel’s masseur will give you a 30 minute massage.
• Your evening meal is served in Tisvilde Bistro. The restaurant believes in simple and honest food, based on the very best seasonal ingredients.

Sweet Life


• 16:00 Check in at Comwell Borupgaard in Snekkersten. 17:00 Tea served with a dessert made from local ingredients.
• Afterwards relax in the lovely AquaSpa area. You can try the cold water bath, relaxation sauna, aromatherapy, footbath, tropical shower and outdoor hot tub. Or use the fitness room to burn off some extra calories to make room for those delicious desserts.