Cruise North Copenhagen

Meet the Vikings - if you dare!

Port of Hundested. The port offers 350 metres of quay and is the sole location where you will experience the true spirit of the world famous and dreaded Vikings – with great historical sights close by.

To be or not to be - Home of Hamlet

Port of Elsinore. There are few places in the world that are as richly surrounded by as much drama and history as Kronborg in Elsinore. It’s where the deadly cannon clad fortress meets the lavish Renaissance castle and where Hamlet’s spirit haunts the hallway.

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Welcome to Cruise North Copenhagen

Want to have all the information in one place? Here you can download all information about Destination of Elsinore and Hundested (pdf).

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The good life of North Copenhagen

A warm welcome to Royal North Sealand and the Danish Riviera.