The taste of Royal North Sealand

In Royal North Sealand we want you to have experiences of high quality, and that goes for eating and drinking as well. North Sealand has all the conditions for living up to your expectations: skilled producers of foodstuffs, who focus on culinary treats by working locally with the cultivation, breeding, and processing of the best produce, in order to shorten the distance between field and table. Produce, which are really excellent precisely in our climate, our landscapes, and our waters. 

“Taste North Sealand” is a network of producers of foodstuffs and food craftsmen working on spreading the knowledge about the foodstuffs of the region, their origin and presentation. Their products are your guarantee of the highest quality: aromatic herbs, the finest berries and fruit, meat from free-range cattle and lambs who lived a good life, organic vegetables, beer from microbreweries, connoisseur chocolate, wine from local vineyards, fresh fish and shellfish, organic milk and cheese, and lots more.

Meet the good people at the festival Smag På Nordsjælland, at the harvest festivals, or go and visit the many farm shops and “pick yourself” places. Then you may try the dessert chef school. Would you rather be waited on and spoiled, then choose one of our many good restaurants. Lean back and enjoy!

Places to eat in Royal North Sealand

The taste of Royal North Sealand - delicious Scandinavian cooking.

Farm shops

North Sealand is not only Copenhagen's playground but also its larder. Here farmers supply and inspire the world-famous kitchens of Copenhagen, including Noma. So head out, explore and shop.


Here you can get a view of all the events year-round in Royal North Sealand

Theaters, concerts and cinemas

In North Sealand there are many opportunities to go to the theater, a concert or the cinema