Dessert Weekend in Royal North Sealand

Based at one of North Sealand’s beautiful seaside hotels or wellness hotels, a Dessert Weekend can be put together just as you and your girlfriends want it.

Love on a bike in Royal North Sealand

Remember the days when you used to cycle to concerts and the beach in the summer? Not only did you get some exercise, but new sensory experiences, too. Goodbye packing, equipment and gruelling ordeals. Hello, 3 or 4-day trips from experience to experience.

Royal North Sealand’s romantic backdrop gives you peace, intimacy, sensuality - just what you need to make your stay really special.

My castle, my retreat in Royal North Sealand

The “My castle, my retreat” route takes you past all the must-sees in the area. You will come face to face with the cultural heritage of the area as you learn all about the dramatic history of its castles. You will be seduced by modern art and culture of high quality, and visit architectural gems that contain the very soul of the best in Danish architecture.

Sources of New Nordic in Royal North Sealand

When Danes are newly in love and want to show each other that their feelings are sincere and heartfelt, they often visit the museum Louisiana together.

By inviting your chosen one to Louisiana, you show that you are really serious, that you are a cultured person, and that you have the ambition to achieve the best in life. Louisiana sets a high standard. But it is also versatile; most can be a part of it if they exert themselves.

A taste of Royal North Sealand

Set off on a “back to basics” trip and taste true Nordic cooking. Many of the ingredients used in Nordic cuisine can be found on the beaches and in the forests of Royal North Sealand. Birch Syrup, sea buckthorn berries and wild garlic capers are just some of the delicacies the area has to offer.

Late Summer Days in Royal North Sealand

The evenings are still long and light, the temperature warm, and calm has once again descended, now that most of the tourists have returned to their everyday lives. Throughout history, North Sealand has been a royal retreat and playground with time for pampering. And the retreat and pampering are still here today!

Go hiking in Royal North Sealand

A walking holiday is the perfect opportunity to allow yourself the time to take stock, to find a balance, time to take a break, slow things right down and enjoy things for what they really are.

Along the Danish Riviera in Royal North Sealand

The kids are ready to go with their rubber rings, buckets and spades, swimming costumes, towels and sunhats. The sun is shining – there’s no time to waste! You stroll along the beach, while the kids have already found their favourite dune. Sand between your toes and fingers, and then a sandcastle.

Kings, art and culture in North Sealand

Day 1- Gunpowder and cannon balls

• Arrival at Hundested Kro og Hotel where you’ll be spending the night.

New Nordic produce - detailed program

Day 1 – The new Elsinore

Visit to Culture Harbour Kronborg
You start the tour at Culture Harbour Kronborg, which is built up around four institutions: the Danish Maritime Museum, the Culture Yard, Kronborg Castle and the Port of Elsinore. The Culture Harbour has grown up around the former Helsingør Skibsvært shipyard. The port opened in summer 2013.

New Nordic produce

The Nordic, modernist design tradition with its simple, clean-cut forms is apparent in many places. It is a tradition closely connected with nature. It not only provides inspiration, but also supplies materials and ingredients. Many of the new local producers share an awareness of the need to protect nature. Sustainability and ecology are therefore another characteristic.

From Shakespeare to modern art

The days are also filled with great art, but of the more modern kind, when you visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Housing over 3,000 works, the museum’s permanent collection is one of the largest and most fascinating collections in Scandinavia. And set in some of today’s most fascinating architecture and beautiful green surroundings, your visit will be an experience worth lingering over.

Feel and taste the history

Day 1

• Your break starts in the old medieval town of Elsinore. You will be staying at Hotel Madam Sprunck, which is located in the charming old historic town, close to the railway station, harbour, pedestrian shopping streets – and within walking distance of Kulturværftet (the Culture Yard) and Kronborg Castle.
• Visit the Danish Maritime Museum in the afternoon and feel the presence of history as you enjoy a café latte at the café.

Family Explorer

Your active holiday is planned to include a number of specific activities. But the plan is also flexible, so you can pick and choose what you want to do, and tailor your own holiday.

This programme is therefore a suggestion or a framework for how your stay and exercise in North Sealand might look.

Challenge Your Friends

Your active holiday is planned to include a number of specific activities. But the plan is also flexible, allowing you to pick and choose what you do, and tailor your own holiday – and extend it with extra days, giving you the opportunity for an even more active holiday.

This programme is therefore a suggestion or a framework for how your holiday in North Zealand might look.

Life on and beneath the ocean waves

Day 1

• Arrival at Sankt Helene Feriecenter, Tisvildeleje. This is the perfect place for the whole family. It has pets, summer activities and adventure playgrounds.
• And it’s not far from the Riviera’s beaches, which are some of the best in Denmark. Clear and clean water and sand, as well as shallow water and child-friendly beaches with lifeguards.

Laid-back luxury

Day 1

• Arrival at Helenekilde Badehotel.
• Recharge your batteries for a wonderful couple of days along the Danish Riviera - go for a walk along the beach before dinner – dive into the Kattegat. And treat yourselves to a ½-hour massage by the hotel’s masseur.
• Dinner is enjoyed on the hotel’s terrace.

Hornbæk Harbour

The harbour is a modern, well equipped yachting harbour, run by a private foundation.