Elsinore is first named in 1231 as a small market town beside Flynderborg. Eric of Pomerania awarded the town a market charter in 1426. At the same time the settlement moved to the area around Sankt Olai Cathedral.

About this time the Sound Dues (Øresundstolden) were initiated, which vastly increased trade in Elsinore. All foreign ships passing through the strait had to moor at Helsingør and pay a toll. Revenues went directly to the king. Many ships would take on provisions while moored. The Sound Dues had a crucial influence on the history of Helsinor. Krogen Castle was built as a result and after extensive development in the 16th century, it became Kronborg Castle.

Elsinore is only 5 km from Helsingborg and before it was acquired by Sweden, the two towns shared the same square, something that was unique in Denmark and in the rest of Northern Europe at that time. The Sound Dues were abolished in 1857 – a time of crisis for the town because ships no longer had to come into port there.

But by 1882 another chapter in the history of the town had begun, when Elsinore Shipyard and Machine Manufacturer A/S opened. The shipyard is now closed, but has undergone renovation and opened in 2010 as the Culture Yard.

Churches in ElsinoreElsinore has never suffered major fires, so most of the town centre consists of 16–19th century houses. The town's two major churches dominate Elsinore’s skyline.

Sankt Olai Cathedral

Sankt Olai Cathedral is the town's oldest building. The oldest part of the cathedral dates from the 13th century, while the majority of the building dates from 1559. The cathedral is remarkable for its interior decorative art.

Next to the cathedral lies Sct. Mariæ Church and Vor Frue Monastery, a Carmelite monastery that is one of the best preserved monasteries in the whole of the Nordic region.

Ferry to Sweden

The ferry route to Helsingborg opened in 1892 and a number of ferry companies still sail the route many times a day.

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