Royal North Sealand

In North Sealand - only 30 min. from Copenhagen, we have three of the most beautiful castles in Northern Europe. With their castles, the Kings outshone their neighbours. They demonstrated their power and wealth and showed the world that Denmark was one of the oldest and most influential countries.

That is why we call it Royal North Sealand

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle in Elsinore is one of northern Europe's most important Renaissance castles. Known all over the world from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle is an imposing blend of manor house and hunting castle – showing off heaven-defying spires and secret passages. It was built on three islands, connected by bridges.

Fotokreditering: Thomas Rahbek

Fredensborg Palace

Visit Fredensborg Palace, where the royals often reside. Experience the palace and the magnificent gardens.

Esrum Abbey and Mill Yard

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the magical Abbey. And enjoy a delightful lunch, based on herbs and spices that were once widely used in medieval Europe. Drink from “Kilden” (The Spring), which the monks believed had curative powers.

Gurre Castle Ruin

The ruin of Gurre Castle lies north of the country road between Gurre and Tikøb. The outer wall was built during the 1300s under the reign of Valdemar Atterdag. The king was often in residence at the castle, and he died there. While the castle was in use it was situated on an islet in Lake Gurre with a pile bridge across to a gate in the middle of the south wall.

Søborg Castle Ruin

Søborg Castle has played a role in Danish history and was Denmark's strongest fortified castle and was used as a dungeon. 

Experience the Middle Ages

The Carmelite monastery with the Sct. Mariæ church is one of the best preserved medieval monasteries in Northern Europe. The monastery was founded in 1430 when King Erik of Pommern invited the Carmelite monks to Elsinore.

Esrum Abbey was founded by the Cistercian Order in 1151 and was of great importance as their spiritual centre in Denmark. Nowadays Esrum Abbey is a cultural centre featuring various exhibitions, among other things. Æbelholt Monastery was founded around 1175 by Augustinian friars. Rumours about miracles at his grave spread far, and through the Middle Ages, ailing people poured into Æbelholt.

The Par Force Hunting Landscape in North Sealand

The Par Force Hunting Landscape is modeled after Versailles and is today a unique European landscape design and UNESCO World Heritage Landscape.

The Carmelite Monastery in Elsinore

The Carmelite convent and Sanct Mary's Church is one of the best preserved medieval monastery in northern Europe.

Æbelholt Abbey

The museum and the ruins of Æbelholt Abbey are located five kilometres west of Hillerød. At the museum are the excavated ruins of what was the largest Augustinian monastery in the Middle Ages.