Biking in North Sealand

Cycling with a majestic view

Royal North Sealand is a kingdom for cyclists. Cycle routes zigzag across the region, leading you to the most wonderful experiences:

Discover the majestic castles on the Castle Route along sea and lakes. Visit tiny coastal villages, where thatched houses surrounded by hollyhocks and cobbled stones take you back in time. Enjoy the peacefulness along the Coastal Route with views of white sandy beaches and crashing waves. Or pedal your way into the deep tranquillity of the forest on the routes 105 and 110 – to the UNESCO World Heritage forests and Denmark's fifth national park.

Work up a sweat or cruise along at a family-friendly pace - everyone can bike around North Sealand. You can rent, borrow or bring your own bike. There is no doubt cycling is the best way to spend a unique holiday. The fragrance of the forest and fields, the sound of the crashing waves: Invaluable opportunities await you in North Sealand.

Kroneruten or The Crown Route

135 kilometres around North Sealand's top - A bicycle route for the adventurous cyclists that want to see Hamlet's castle, the fishing villages, white beaches and renaissance castles.

The castle route: Experience the kings' hunting routes on two wheels

75 kilometres with castles, castle ruins and abbeys. A bicycle trip on small country roads through the beautiful landscape, all created by the kings of past.

Nordkyststien - Route 47

From your bike saddle, you will experience places that you normally don't see. You will visit small cosy coastal villages and seaside resorts while passing through stunning nature.

Lousiana by bike

The Louisiana Route

On this route south of Elsinore, you really get your chance to experience North Sealand's modern art and architecture.

Biking in Denmark: The rules and how to

Rules, tips and tricks for your bicycle adventure

In Denmark we have a bicycle culture like no other country - Our cities are small, the terrain is flat, and the Danish countryside is beautiful.

Bike rental in Royal North Sealand

When you want and need a bike, then look no further as we have collected some places where your biking adventure can start.

Transportation - how to get around in North Sealand

Come easily to, from and around North Sealand - by train, bus, ferry etc.

Places to eat in Royal North Sealand

The taste of Royal North Sealand - delicious Scandinavian cooking.

Culture experiences in Royal North Sealand

North Sealand's cultural attractions that you MUST experience - unique, old, exciting and artistic

The best beaches in North Sealand

Hornbæk Beach, Liseleje Beach, Tisvildeleje Beach. See the list of the best beaches in North Sealand

Events in North Sealand

There are great traditions and recurring events throughout the year in North Sealand, but also lots of small cosy flea markets, market days and music events.

Art and galleries

Creativity, design and beauty - all integral parts of the life in North Sealand. Discover our way of life here.