Help..... its raining

Denmark is surrounded by the sea, and that means changeable weather. Rain is a part of the Danish weather – and it doesn’t have to stop you from having a lovely holiday with lots of experiences. Put on your raincoat and wellingtons and take a walk along the beach, enjoying the raging sea in the rain and rough weather. It’s wonderful to feel the wind – as long as you’re warmly dressed! Make a sport of finding beautiful stones, their colours and structure are clearer in the rain, or go hunting for hollow stones – they are lucky! And with luck, you may find amber along the coast of North Sealand – especially after heavy winds.

Walk in the woods of Gribskov, Hornbæk Plantage, Teglstrup Hegn, or Tisvilde Hegn. Here you find shelter, and all the fragrances of the forest intensify in the rain. Inhale the spicy scent of moss and lichen, bark and soil. In the late summer and autumn, you can find boletus, chanterelle, and other delicious mushrooms. Bring along a good mushroom guide!

If you’re more into indoor experiences, there are many possibilities. Visit some of the most beautiful castles in Denmark, Kronborg and Frederiksborg, go to the aquarium Øresundsakvariet, enjoy world-famous art at Louisiana, and dive into history in the town museums. You can find interesting art wares in the Kronborg Galleries and the jewellery workshop Smykkesnedkeriet, and go shopping indoors in the Slotsarkaderne or Helsingør Bycenter. A trip to the swimming bath or the cinema is also always popular. 

With umbrella

If you have an umbrella we have a list of excursion points ready for you


Here you can get a view of all the events year-round in Royal North Sealand