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North Sealand has plenty of art and culture, for those with historical interests as well as for those who prefer modern art and architecture. The castles/palaces of Frederiksborg, Kronborg, and Fredensborg are historical light towers, attracting tourists from the whole world.

In 2000 Kronborg Castle was put on the UNESCO list of cultural world heritage. Each year in August you can experience the Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s Castle. Frederiksborg, the largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia, is a true fairy tale with splendid interiors. Fredensborg Palace is the residence of the royal family during a part of the year, but it is open to visitors in July. Esrum Abbey was originally a grand and powerful Cistercian monastery. Today the abbey is a lively centre for cultural and other experiences with a number of exciting events such as the annual Knights’ Market.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is of international stature, placed in a unique location by the Øresund. The M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark is an example of innovative architecture attracting worldwide attention. N.Y. Times has it on their list of “Must sees” in 2014, and the museum has won several international architectural prizes. Bjarke Ingels Group is the architect company behind the underground museum, built in a former dry dock – which is by some people called “the most beautiful hole in the ground”.

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Our museums are the gateway to North Sealand's history. Learn more about kings, monks, artists and shipping in North Sealand.

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From castles built for defending Denmark to palaces made to show the Kingdoms wealth - Royal North Sealand will astound you with its majestic beauty and style.

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