Active holidays

More and more people want to be physically active during their holidays. Using your body, enhancing your pulse. North Sealand is the perfect place for active holidays. The North Sealand coast, The Danish Riviera, invites you to water activities. At Lynæs just south of Hundested there are courses in windsurfing and kitesurfing. Hornbæk is also a centre for stand-up paddling, and in Elsinore, you can rent dinghies or go fishing on Øresund. The big lakes, Arresø and Esrum Sø, are ideal for a trip in your own or a rented canoe or kayak.

Bicycling holidays have become extremely popular. You get exercise, fresh air, and lots of sensations on the bicycle routes in North Sealand pass through forests and fields, along the sea and the beaches with good facilities for staying the night and for eating. Get inspired by our adventure routes with different themes.

Whether you prefer running, streaming with sweat, or calm, meditative wandering is a question of temper – in North Sealand you can do both. Go on guided runs or find your own way on the many exercise routes. Follow the monastery route and visit Esrum Abbey – pilgrimage is topical again.

Biking in Royal North Sealand

The road is never long, neither to the sights or to the good experiences with culture, nature and good food. It does not get much better than when you're on the bike in North Sealand.

Break a sweat on holiday

Get your pulse up and challenge yourself in the beautiful nature of North Sealand

On water

Water is the source of life and wellness in North Sealand - and we have plenty of water and plenty of things to do on and in it. 

Golf holiday

Take a golf vacation in North Sealand. Many of Denmark's professional golfers started their careers in North Sealand.