Hits for Kids

Royal North Sealand is for children as well! In the old days it was the playground of the kings, today all children can try out lots of fun things and activities, making the holiday a success all the year. You can play a knight or a princess at Frederiksborg Castle, a real fairytale castle tickling your imagination. At Kronborg, you must descend into the cold and a bit scary casemates to greet Holger Danske – bring your flashlight. Take your family on a porpoise safari on Øresund to see the smallest whale in Denmark, or experience an underwater world at the aquarium Øresundsakvariet. At Hundested Harbour you can pat fishes in the two shallow tanks on the platform by the quay, but if you’re more into playing pilot or fireman, you must visit the Technical Museum, Danmarks Tekniske Museum. Every year Esrum Abbey features a fantastic knights’ market with lots of activities for the whole family, and at the Flynderupgård Museum, you can try country life as it was in the old days. A trip on the vintage steam train Nordsjællands Veterantog is lovely for little and big ones, but for more action go skating in the Multiparken or give yourself a challenge in Til Tops, featuring four different tree climbing tracks and a titillating ropeway. Get ideas for many other fun experiences for children on the page.

Fun and educational experiences

Knight and princess school, hunting and forestry activities and safari in the bird zoo. These are some of the funny experiences in Royal North Sealand.

Touch a fish or catch a crab

Do you dare touching af fish or a crab? Try it out in Hundested or et Øresundsakvariet in Elsinore

Events for children

Have a look what to do during your holiday in North Sealand

Holiday in motion...

Use your body in the fresh air and get a lot of energy, then it´s fun to fo things together

Dress up as a prince or princess

Princess Marie or princess Isabella? At Frederiksborg Castle dreams can become reality

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art's Children’s Wing

The Children’s Wing at Louisiana has 500 m² spread over three floors. Here children can be creative and explore art in their very own way. There is an open workshop every day.