Dronningmølle - beautiful beach and facinating museums

Dronningmølle bay stretches in a gentle curve between Hornbæk and Gilleleje, giving room to a wonderful beach. The beautiful sandy beach is perfect for long relaxing days sunbathing for the whole family.

The name Dronningmølle, The Queen’s Mill, originates from a watermill built in 1588 on a site owned by Queen Sofie, the wife of King Frederik II. The three-story millhouse and the mill pond can still be seen at the corner of Strandvejen and Hulrødvej.

Today, Dronningmølle is best known for its brilliant wide, sandy beach. The water is shallow which makes it a child-friendly beach for the kids to romp about – and a great place for building sandcastles at the water’s edge.

Tegners Museum & Statuepark

A unique monument to one single artist conceived and realised by himself as a synthesis of sculpture, architecture and nature.


Munkeruphus is an architectural gem built in 1916 in colonial style with facades of wooden cladding and a high, shingled roof. The listed country house is a today a charming art gallery with changing exhibitions of art, craft, design etc. during the year. On the ground floor there is a cosy little café which serves light lunches, homemade bakery, tea, coffee, wine etc. Munkeruphus is surrounded by a wonderful nature park with old trees and rhododendrons, sloping down to the Øresund. 

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