Fredensborg - The Queen's Palace of Peace

Fredensborg is a charming town that has gradually risen around the palace. In Fredensborg you will find various speciality shops in Jernbanegade, the main pedestrian street. In the new Centre in Fredensborg lies supermarkets and a health club. And if you are hungry, both in Fredensborg and nearby Asminderød there are tasty restaurants and a real inn. In the summer a tour boat sails on Esrum lake departing from Skipperhuset. You can also rent canoes and kayaks and discover the beautiful nature on your own.

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The Danish Riviera on Bike

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Royal North Sealand is full of fantastic bicycling experiences - and it is as easy as just jumping on your bike and pedalling away into the serene sunset

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Royal North Sealand is for children as well! In the old days it was the playground of the Kings - today all children can try lots of fun things and activities, making the holiday a success at any time of year.

Dronningerunden - The Queen's Round

Dronningerunden, about 40 km through Fredensborg Municipality on bike. The route passes through the four biggest towns in the municipality: Kokkedal, Nivå, Humlebæk and Fredensborg. 


Outside the millennia of hunting traditions with birds of prey are being revived, and training of falcons, hawks and eagles takes place in an area, that belonged to Valdemar Atterdag more than of 700 years ago. Now you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of lakes, woods and fields as background to the falconer training of the great hunting birdsThe program is implemented regardless of weather conditions.

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