Frederiksværk - From cannons to idyllic canals.

One of “Denmark´s Industry Commemoration sites” designated by the Danish Ministry of Culture. In 1717, Frederik IV decided that a canal should be dug to divert water from Arresø. Today, the canal flows gently though Frederiksværk, giving the town a particular charm. The many well-preserved old buildings along the canal create a beautiful link between the past and the present.

Frederiksværk is named after Frederik V, and the town has grown up around the King's industry and cannon foundry, Gjethuset. From here, thousands of canons were delivered to the Danish Navy and exported to nations around the world. Today, Gjethuset is the town's cultural centre, where there are exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events on offer in the majestic building all year round. The man-made canal that runs through the town can be followed all the way from the woods at the edge of lake Arresø, through the town and into Roskilde Fjord. In Arresø you can go sailing with the beautiful wooden ship Frederikke during the summer season. Behind the canal are a wealth of shops in the town's pedestrian street. Frederiksværk is also known for the proud landmark, the Gunpowder Works. Where gunpowder was mixed, and cannonballs for the cannons at Dybbøl were cast. At the gun works, you can see the old water-powered machines in operation, and there are daily tours.


Welcome to Frederiksværk.


The Gjethus was built in 1761-1769 by General Classen and was a cannon foundry until 1928. The Gjethus is now art- and culture centre with a cafe, theatre, music and art exhibitions.


Gun Powder Museum

The small open-air museum is one of the worlds best preserved Gunpowder Mills with buildings and working machines from the 18th century.

Places to eat in Frederiksværk

Find a cosy cafe or restaurant where you can satisfy your hunger with delicious dishes and relaxing refreshments.

Farm shops and Spisekammer Halsnæs

Barn door sale of fresh produce and markets featuring local produce - the municipality of Halsnæs is known for its fresh and delicious produce

M/S Frederikke

Experience an unspoilt and unique scenery, take a boat trip with the M / S Frederikke tour boat on Lake Arresø - Denmark's largest lake.

Galleries and Craftsmen in Frederiksværk/Liseleje

The three waters that surround Halsnæs emit a very special light to the area and here in Frederiksværk and Liseleje, you find a lot of galleries and artisans.

Events in Frederiksværk

Go sailing on Arresø, Denmarks largest lake, see a concert at Gjethuset, fly a kite in Liseleje or take a tour of the Gunpowder works. 

Hits for Kids

Royal North Sealand is for children as well! In the old days it was the playground of the Kings - today all children can try lots of fun things and activities, making the holiday a success at any time of year.

The Danish Riviera on Bike

Experience North Sealand by bike

Royal North Sealand is full of fantastic bicycling experiences - and it is as easy as just jumping on your bike and pedalling away into the serene sunset

Halsnæsstien - The Halsnæs Route

Halsnæsstien - on foot or on a bike. The route is surrounded by water on three sides; in the north with Kattegat, in the south and west with the more calm waters of Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord.

The old fishing hamlet of Kikhavn

The old fishing hamlet of Kikhavn is close to Hundested. Kikhavn's history stretches back to the 1200s and is, therefore, the oldest fishing hamlet in Halsnæs

The idylic village of Lynæs

Close to Hundested you find Lynæs, which is known as a surfers' paradise. Lynæs has a nice harbor, a lovely restaurant and a large and well-stocked grocery store.
North of Hundested, within walking distance of 2 km. Is the old fishing village Kikhavn, which consists of small, thatched farmhouses built closely together. In Kikhavn there is a nice custom shop.
Torup between Hundested and Frederiksværk and is a nice little village with a daily usage, Torup church and the Organic Village Dyssekilde.

Økosamfundet Dyssekilde

The Ecovillage Dyssekilde

The Dyssekilde ecological community (Økosamfundet Dyssekilde) is a village built exclusively of ecological materials and which produces its own energy.  A varity of buildings with organic shops and a range of delicious organic goods. Guided tours on the first saturday of the month.

Accomodation in Frederiksværk

Hotels, holiday homes, b&b and shelters - find the best place for you to rest your head. 

Nature Campsites in Halsnæs

It is liberating to sleep under cover of a starry night sky and Hundested, of course, has many wonderful and exciting choices for campers

Everything about Frederiksværk

Find everything about frederiksværk. Choose from activities, attractions and much more.