Gilleleje - Denmark's most creative town 2017

Gilleleje arose from the sea. The fishermen hang their nets out to dry next to the restaurants on the quayside, this ever busy harbour providing a livelihood for many local people. Just a stone’s throw from the port the waves lap against the sandy beach - just as in the days when the first guests came to Gilleleje Badehotel.

 The sea breeze is a constant reminder that the port is a vital part of the town’s atmosphere. Fishermen clean their lines, and ships lie in the harbour surrounded by restaurants and fish shops packed with freshly caught local temptations from beyond the outer pier.

In 2017 Gilleleje won the title as Denmark's most creative town. 100 towns participated, and Gilleleje was chosen as the most creative town with regards to being a place where you enjoy beeing and where business and culture walk hand in hand. In 2015 Gilleleje participated in a mystery shopping survey where restaurants, shops and the tourist information were visited several times over the summer. This resulted in the town being placed 1st among the 32 towns visited in Denmark.

Gilleleje harbour

The scent of tar, fish and sea floats on the breeze when you take a walk on Gilleleje Harbour. The charming sounds of the fishing boats mingle with the sounds of knocking and hammering in the shipyard, and the chatter of tourists adds to the music of the place as the day progresses.


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In Gilleleje you will find unique shops to match every style and budget. In addition to the many grocery stores, you will find very inspiring crafts and hobby shops, exciting hairdressers, beautiful toy stores, bakeries, shoe stores and many boutiques with both unique and sought-after quality brands.

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Explore the streets between the small old thatched houses in Gilleleje and experience the old-timey atmosphere. Go on tours and much more.

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