Fishing village which lives the whole year

Gilleleje lies in Gribskov Municipality, at Sealand's northernmost point, Gilbjerghoved. The town has preserved many of the idyllic cosy streets and thatched houses built when it was a fishing village. Gilleleje is a lively tourist, commercial and fishing town. Its heart is the fishing port, Sealand's largest.

Map of Gilleleje

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Private accomodation in Gilleleje

It's great to spend a weekend or perhaps the few days of your vacation in Gilleleje. Here it is possible to stay in private in one of the cozy old houses, that has been lovingly restored and still steepes in history. It is possible to secure accommodation in the city center close to restaurants and shops or on the outskirts of the city, where there is peace and you are close to nature. At many of overnight places you can even make your own food

Gilleleje Havn

The harbour in Gilleleje

The scent of tar, fish and sea floats on the breeze when you take a walk on Gilleleje Harbour. The charming sounds of the fishing boats mingle with the sounds of knocking and hammering in the shipyard, and the chatter of tourists adds to the music of the place as the day progresses.


Shopping in Gilleleje

In Gilleleje you will find unique shops to match every style and budget. In addition to the many grocery stores you will find very inspiring crafts and hobby shops, exciting hairdressers, beautiful toy stores, bakeries, shoe stores and many boutiques with both unique and sought-after quality brands.