A rich and varied countryside

Offering lovely experiences all year round. On the long stretch of coast there are wide, white, sandy beaches with wonderful swimming opportunities, you will find them at Hornbæk, Dronningmølle, and Tisvilde. Elsewhere you can enjoy the breath-taking view over Kattegat from high cliffs, at Gilbjerghoved for instance and Heatherhill, the heathered hills. By Hundested the sometimes rough Kattegat joins the gentler Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord. Bicycle route 47 follows the whole north coast.

The two largest lakes in Denmark, Arresø and Esrum Sø, are here in North Sealand. Here you can go canoeing or paddle a kayak, go fishing, and enjoy the rich birdlife. Go for an hour’s sailing trip on the charming ferry M/S Frederikke on Arresø, a lovely nature experience for the whole family.

Gribskov is Denmark’s second largest forest, with outstanding scenery with lakes, bogs, meadows, and hilly grazing land. 

The forests in North Sealand

North Sealand has in large part been owned by the crown and has primarily been used by the kings for hunting and grazing of the royal family horses. The younger forests areas were often planted to protect against the all-encompassing sand, which previously ravaged Sealand.

Beaches in North Sealand

Along the entire North Zealand coast you find beautiful beaches with lifeguard every day throughout the summer. Whatever you are beautiful stones on the beach, sand or sand dunes or perhaps to the whole thing, so you can find what you are looking for in North Zealand. You can cycle to all the beaches and there are excellent parking facilities for cars almost everywhere.

Areas of nature in North Sealand

Be inspired to visit several nature sites in North Sealand.

Royal, magic and private gardens

Explore gardens and parks that contain world-class art, and unique and magical parks that will invigorate all of your senses