Humlebæk - Nice harbours and a world-famous museum

Humlebæk probably is best known for hosting one of the world's finest art museums - Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The architecture, the surroundings, and the location on the slopes down to the Øresund sound alone worth a visit - and behind the doors in the museum, many hours of enjoyment with the greatest Danish and international works of art await you. 

Just below the museum is the old fishing village with its half-timbered houses, inviting you for a stroll around the port and the old boatyard with all the pleasure-craft. And if you want a dip in the sea, there are several sandy beaches nearby.

Humlebæk also has many green spaces - fields, forests, and a network of paths for cycling and exploring. Just a stone’s throw from Louisiana is Krogerup Avlsgaard, which is home to the Aarstidernes organic food company, where you can browse the farm shop and take part in many summer courses and events with a focus on quality ingredients.

Restaurant Sletten

Enjoy dinner at Restaurant Sletten. Surrounded by quaint fishing cottages and views across Øresund Sound, the place oozes charm and nostalgia.

Gl. Humlebæk Kro

The old cosy country inn serves homemade danish food and open-faced sandwiches in the old 18th-century inn. A classical Danish experience.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Café

The Louisiana Café has one of Denmark’s most beautiful panoramic views of the Øresund. Throughout the summer season, you can enjoy the food and the view outdoors from the Calder Patio.

The Nivaagaard Collection

Explore the collection of classic paintings from all over Europe featuring some of the most famous European artists. The museum also has a beautiful ever expanding rhododendron garden.

Events in Royal North Sealand

There are a lot of events in North Sealand. You can find them here.

Aarstidernes farm at Krogerup

Visit Aarstidernes farm at Krogerup with sensory gardens, beautiful landscapes and farm yeard buildings. Eat at the cafe and shop in the organic farm shop.

Lousiana by bike

The Louisiana Route

On this route south of Elsinore, you really get your chance to experience North Sealand's modern art and architecture.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art's Children’s Wing

The Children’s Wing at Louisiana has 500 m² spread over three floors. Here children can be creative and explore art in their very own way. There is an open workshop every day.

Hits for Kids

Royal North Sealand is for children as well! In the old days it was the playground of the Kings - today all children can try lots of fun things and activities, making the holiday a success at any time of year.

The Danish Riviera on Bike

Experience North Sealand by bike

Royal North Sealand is full of fantastic bicycling experiences - and it is as easy as just jumping on your bike and pedalling away into the serene sunset

Sletten Harbour

The harbour is the centre of Sletten. Here are shops, a boat builder yard, a delicious ice cream stall and a fishmonger.

Humlebæk Harbour

In the cosy harbour of Humlebæk, you find an authentic atmosphere with beautiful nature and lovely beaches. Around the harbour, you find a protected area with a forest and beautiful fisher houses.

Humlebæk Map

Town map of Humlebæk & Nivå

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