Liseleje - soothing balm for the holiday soul

Liseleje is the westernmost town on the Danish Riviera - this small fishing village has retained its authenticity and is a real holiday gem.

You can bury your toes in the finest beach sand, catch your dinner out on the reef, and end the day with a breathtaking sunset in the dunes. Here one must not do anything; one should just be. This charming fishing village is perfect for slowing the pulse down to the holiday tempo.

City folk like to come here at the first sign of spring sunshine - because here they find peace and quiet, beautiful nature, and a neighbourhood where everybody knows each other. The hospitality is warm, and Liseleje is well-known for its cosy guest house character and an unpretentious atmosphere.

Nature means everything in Liseleje - literally. The sound of gentle waves mingles with the rustle of leaves in the treetops in Liseleje Plantation (Liseleje Plantage) that was planted to stop the 200-year-old drifting dunes. A large area of heathland - Sealand’s largest - remains preserved, and today Melby Common (Melby Overdrev) is a unique, protected natural environment which is home to a number of rare plant and animal species.

Accomodation in Liseleje

Go on a beach holiday just as they were in the good old days - slow down, shut off your phones so you and your family can enjoy yourselves.

Nature Campsites in Halsnæs

It is liberating to sleep under cover of a starry night sky and Hundested, of course, has many wonderful and exciting choices for campers

Havtyren Nature Playground

On Lisevej lies the popular children playground, which includes swing, slide, balance beams, racks, covered and packed lunches and the Sea-bull you can climb on - if you dare!. According to legend, the sea-bull went up onto the land and ploughed up the sand, until it had sanded up the fields because the farmers had stolen its cattle.



Hits for Kids

Royal North Sealand is for children as well! In the old days it was the playground of the Kings - today all children can try lots of fun things and activities, making the holiday a success at any time of year.

Liseleje playground

With a location right at the entrance to the beach in Liseleje which is a great family beach, you find a playground with electric cars and a miniture golf.

Farm shops and Spisekammer Halsnæs

Barn door sale of fresh produce and markets featuring local produce - the municipality of Halsnæs is known for its fresh and delicious produce

Events in Liseleje

Kite festivals, market days, biking and workshops - find an event in Liseleje to accompany your beach town experience.

Wonderful nature experiences in Halsnæs

Here in Halsnæs you are never far from the ocea, fjord, lakes, forest or green areas.

The Danish Riviera on Bike

Experience North Sealand by bike

Royal North Sealand is full of fantastic bicycling experiences - and it is as easy as just jumping on your bike and pedalling away into the serene sunset

Northcoast bike route no 47

At the the beautiful Northcoast path you can, with base in Liseleje, ride your bike either towards Hundested or Tisvildeleje. The route stretches from Hundested and Elsinore and the number of the route is 47.

There are two leaflets. One valid from Hundested - Gilleleje and the other from Gilleleje -Elsinore.

Events in Royal North Sealand

There are a lot of events in North Sealand. You can find them here.

Galleries and Craftsmen in Frederiksværk/Liseleje

The three waters that surround Halsnæs emit a very special light to the area and here in Frederiksværk and Liseleje, you find a lot of galleries and artisans.

Art in Halsnæs

Go on a round trip to all the lovely galleries and artisans all year round

Liseleje Map

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