Soothe your body

Wellness for body and soul. That is how you can describe a stay in North Sealand. Kilometres of beaches, inviting you to take long walks and a refreshing swim. The special light inspiring artists to live and work along the coast, as they have always done. The wonderful view over the blue Kattegat when you walk or bicycle along the path Nordkyststien. Enriching experiences at Louisiana. It is a balm for the soul. Historical seaside hotels with style and ambiance, carefully restored up to modern standards, lie along The Danish Riviera. Book a wellness stay – and feel the relief in letting go of the everyday demands and just indulge yourself. Wrap yourself in the thick, soft bathrobe and step into a world of wellbeing, aromatherapy, hot baths and relaxation. Where the whole agenda is enjoyment.

In Hornbæk, the classical seaside resort, lies the spa resort Kurbadet by Ilse Jacobsen.  Here you meet with the ultimate wellness experience for your whole person: hot indoor and outdoor baths, spa, sauna, steam bath and massage, as well as a wide variety of beauty treatments. Offers for beautician, hairdresser, dietician, personal therapist and trainer, and finally a lovely gourmet restaurant.

Gastronomical indulgence is a part of wellness – and the local manufacturers deliver high quality food products, so you can “taste North Sealand” in local restaurants or bring delicacies home.

North Sealand - the golf paradise

Relax for a few hours out on one of our golf courses. Some of them are among the country's best golf courses and there is a court for every temperament.