Want to challenge each other with activities, fun and competitions in royal surroundings? Then this is the holiday for you! Bring the whole family - we guarantee that the array of fun and challenging activities – on land, at sea and in the air – will bring you closer together. Along the way, you’ll experience fun, new, familiar and different activities, which provide a framework for cosy family competitions.

Day 1 and 2 - Family Explorer

Day 1
Arrival at Sankt Helene Feriecenter. Go for a walk in the area before the dinner is eaten at Sankt Helene Feriecenter’s Restaurant Sofie.

Day 2
All day event: High Tree Climbing at Havreholm Slot in Hornbæk. Enjoy dinner at Tisvilde Bio & Bistro.

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High Tree Climbing

You’re going right to the very top in the North Sealand countryside! At Havreholm Castle the woodland provides the setting for High Tree Climbing. Tough-going, but fun!

Sankt Helene Feriecenter

Sankt Helene Feriecenter (holiday centre) in Tisvildeleje is not far from the Riviera’s beaches, which are some of the best in Denmark.

Day 3 and 4 - Family Explorer

Day 3
In today’s bull’s eye, ‘Gun-Man’, you get the opportunity to try your hand at real gun and rifle shooting. After lunch, you head to Glenten Motions- og Legerum (exercise and play room). Enjoy dinner at Restaurant Under Kronen in Fredensborg.

Day 4
You head to Esrum Sø, Denmark’s second largest lake, where a canoe for the whole family awaits. Discover the feeling of togetherness as you paddle around. Skipperhuset is a cosy place to eat dinner before leaving Esrum Lake.

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Pistol shooting

Choose to participate in another activity before you end your stay. Option might be pistol shooting.

Glenten Exercise and Playroom

Glenten is a facility where children and adults can work up a sweat and get some really good exercise, together or alone. The countryside is beautiful and perfect for a pleasant afternoon with the family.

Day 5 and 6 - Family Explorer

Day 5
It is the children's day. The girls can really challenge the boys on a horseback. Then it’s the boys’ turn to challenge the girls! You’re going to Multipark in Elsinore where you can skate and try parkour.

Day 6
It is the children's day again. Compete with one another as a family, or against other families to become the best “Robin Hood” when you try archery. Then it's time for porpoise safari. While searching for porpoises, you’ll be told all about these fascinating little whales.

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mp:H Multiparken

In mp:H Multiparken in Elsinore it really is full speed ahead. You’re going to try your hand at parkour and skate on the 3000 sqm. large area, BOWLEN.

Day 7 and 8 - Family Explorer

Day 7
Today it's fun in the woods with Natur Fitness and a mountain bike ride. In the evening, you’ll meet up with the other holidaymakers for "King's Feast" with a joint dinner and fun competitions at Restaurant Sofie.

Day 8
Time to check out. But before that you have the opportunity to opt in to an activity, for example fishing, fencing or family-tri.

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On mountain bike in the woods

Spend the afternoon on mountain bike. North Sealand has so much beautiful scenery, which is best experienced on two wheels.