The beautiful and varied countryside provides the setting for hard physical activities all year round. Kings Challenge is an adventure race that takes you around to a number of little gems in the North Sealand countryside for running, cycling and swimming, offering challenges and the battle against the forces of nature. This is where you train with the stars and are rewarded as kings. In the evening, you can relax and consume delicious local food.

Day 1 - Kings Challenge

Arrival at Hotel Marienlyst. You start the afternoon with the ultimate workout, crossfit. Dinner at Restaurant Krone B at Kronborg Castle, and then talk with Rasmus Henning, the former world-class triathlete and winner of IronMan 2009.

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Hotel Marienlyst

The beach is located right outside the door and from the hotel there is a short stroll to Kronborg Castle and the city centre of Elsinore.

Going from good to extraordinary

A talk with Rasmus Henning, former world-class triathlete and winner of IronMan 2009. He speaks at Kronborg Castle.

Day 2 - Kings Challenge

Rasmus Henning is an inspiration and an instructor for the day’s first activity: running in the woods. Sea swimming training in the afternoon, and at the end of the day beer tasting and gourmet at Esrum Kloster & Møllegård.

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Run in the kings’ footsteps

Sea swimming training

Sea swimming places high and different demands on you and the North Sealand coastline has many good places to swim, where you are guaranteed to be challenged.

Day 3 - Kings Challenge

You get the opportunity to try both target shooting and more hunting-oriented exercises when you’re going to try your hand at archery. Afterwards push your limits with North Sealand’s own mini triathlon: The Kings Challenge! In the evening the famous TV chef and guest speaker Thomas Rode will speak about the world of raw food.

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North Sealand’s own mini triathlon

North Sealand’s own mini triathlon: The Kings Challenge! Compete against yourself and the other tough contenders with the same goal – to be first over the line.

Rawfood with Thomas Rode

Day 4 - Kings Challenge

Time to check out. But before that you have the option of opting for an event such as beach volleyball, pistol shooting, fitness, mountain biking or golf.

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Pistol shooting

Choose to participate in another activity before you end your stay. Option might be pistol shooting.