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Broad beaches, a holy spring, and rock music in the open air. Tisvilde on the Danish Riviera has something for everyone and plenty of everything: warm hospitality, beautiful scenery, great art and culture, and wonderful food. In short - everything on the wishlist for a good holiday.

As you stroll along the narrow main street past the thatched fishermen’s cottages, you arrive literally at the water’s edge. Here it becomes clear why Tisvildeleje is one of the most popular resorts on the Danish Riviera. Way back in the middle ages pilgrims travelled here to drink from the holy Saint Helene Spring (Sankt Helene Kilde) which provided water for King Christian IV. Later, famous artists and writers such as Asger Jorn and Johannes V. Jensen sought contemplation here.

Today it is especially the creative Copenhageners that enjoy Tisvildeleje’s sanctuary from everyday life. Here you can kick-back, relax, and enjoy the carefree atmosphere.

Holiday Homes

In North Sealand, you will find several rental agencies that will help you to a wonderful holiday. The holiday homes are located on the beaches along the Danish Riviera, inland and close to the towns.

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There are a lot of events in North Sealand. You can find them here.

The Danish Riviera on Bike

Experience North Sealand by bike

Royal North Sealand is full of fantastic bicycling experiences - and it is as easy as just jumping on your bike and pedalling away into the serene sunset

Tibirke Church

Tibirke Church is built on an ancient pagan site; a "vi”, which was used for human sacrifice.

At the foot of the church towards Bækkebrovej is a spring, which may have been a place of pilgrimage in antiquity, called Ti's (Tyrs) gush. The name Tisvilde derives from this.

Hits for Kids

Royal North Sealand is for children as well! In the old days it was the playground of the Kings - today all children can try lots of fun things and activities, making the holiday a success at any time of year.

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