Vejby Strand - A fine old holiday resort

Vejby Strand, situated between Rågeleje and Tisvilde, is a fine old holiday resort. 49 m. above sea level, it is located at the highest point on the North Sealand coastline. The area is characterized by steep slopes; access to the beach is by a number of narrow stairways. The sea view is magnificent, and the beautiful undulating landscape offers fine nature experiences, e.g. Heatherhill, Tibirke Bakker and Tisvilde Hegn.

Vejby Strand Camping

Welcome to an active and very cosy family campsite with pool, tennis court, football pitch, bouncy castle, playground, table tennis, mini golf, beach volleyball, café and snack bar.

Badehusene i Tisvildeleje

Accommodation in Tisvildeleje

B&B, private accommodation, beach hotels and cosy cottages - See where you can stay for your perfect trip to Tisvildeleje

Holiday Homes

In North Sealand, you will find several rental agencies that will help you to a wonderful holiday. The holiday homes are located on the beaches along the Danish Riviera, inland and close to the towns.


Pure pleasure and peace - Escape from your everyday life. Located 200 meters from the sea between Tisvildeleje and Heather Hill.


Freshly picked strawberries and homemade ice cream, smoothies and other berry products - enjoy the delightful taste of summer in North Sealand.

Events in Royal North Sealand

There are a lot of events in North Sealand. You can find them here.

Cykelruter nordsjælland

Experience North Sealand by bike

Royal North Sealand is full of fantastic bicycling experiences - and it is as easy as just jumping on your bike and pedalling away into the serene sunset

Hits for Kids

Royal North Sealand is for children as well! In the old days it was the playground of the Kings - today all children can try lots of fun things and activities, making the holiday a success at any time of year.


Visit the cosy farm shop Bakkegaarden with a beautiful view of fields while you shop for local produce, clothing, personal care products and details for your home.

Heather Hill

Windswept rolling heather hills, grazing sheep and beautiful views of Kattegat and the fields and forests of North Sealand is what awaits the visitor to this beautiful spot.


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25 houses in Vejby Strand

Among the summer houses and holiday cottages at Vejby Strand you can find examples of houses by some of Denmark’s most famous architects, among others Jørn Utzon, Henning Larsen, Poul Henningsen.

Vejby Strand Map

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Tourist information

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Tisvildeleje town map

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