Bathing water, safety, and beach activities

The seaside life in North Sealand is top grade on the fabulous Danish Riviera

Where the pure waters of Kattegat wash in on the coast of North Sealand, there are almost 100 kilometres of beaches, offering great experiences for families with children, nature lovers, and those in search of adventure. The magnificent and essentially unspoiled coastline meandering along the top of North Sealand stretches from the west at Hundested where the beach Trekanten spreads its sandy wings, towards child-friendly Nødebohuse, and further on to the beautiful beach at Liseleje. In fact the whole northern coast, past the charming bathing resort Tisvildeleje by Stængehus, is a long and lovely beach. The clean and wide beaches stretch nearly continuously all the way to the lively, historical harbour of Elsinore forty kilometres to the east where the coastline veers to the south towards Humlebæk.

Get information about safety at the beach here

Fine beaches, fine bathing water, and lots of activities

The mark of the north coast is its many excellent beaches. Here you can have fun in the fine saltwater, and we keep a keen eye on our bathing water through the whole season. On many of the beaches along the coast, you can check the latest measurements of the quality of the water. You can also find information on the water quality on the municipalities’ homepages:

Fredensborg Municipality
Gribskov Municipality
Helsingør Municipality
Hillerød Municipality
Halsnæs Municipality

Check out the tourist office

At the tourist office, they can tell which beaches fly the blue flag, and they can tell you about the many exciting activities going on during the season.

Beach naturism

Do you like bathing in the nude from the beaches? In that case, you’re a beach naturist. On the homepage of the Danish naturists’ association: Foreningen Danske Naturister, you can read more about beaches in North Sealand allowing nude bathing.

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The life-saving service in North Sealand

The homepage of the lifeguard service in North Sealand: Den Nordsjællandske Kystlivredningstjeneste, will provide recommendations and warnings before you go for your swim.

The flags on the beaches

The blue flag on the beach

Some of our beaches fly the blue flag, a quality mark showing that here you find the very best bathing water, and a symbol of the attention we pay to our environment.

Beach activities

On a beach flying the blue flag, you will also find lots of exciting activities. You can play bingo with stones, learn to tell the difference between a male and a female crab, compete in crab-races and have lots of fun with other things.

Remember to keep your dog on a leash on the beach. Read more on the homepage of The National Nature Agency

Beach safety
  1. Learn to Swim and jump right
  2. Never swim alone
  3. Swim only where permitted
  4. Avoid going out to where it is deeper than to your navel height
  5. Dive only where the water is deep enough
  6. Swim along the coast
  7. Leave the water when you start to freeze
  8. Never swim with alcohol and drugs in your blood

Child-friendly beaches in North Sealand

Safe, child-friendly beaches along the Danish Rivera