Kronborg Castle


Kronborg Castle, known worldwide as Hamlet and Shakespeare's castle, is one of Northern Europe's finest Renaissance castles.

The history of the castle goes way back before Shakespeare’s time. In the 1420s King Eric of Pomerania built a strong fortress, Krogen, to secure the profitable collection of the Sound Dues, a tax that would fill the Kings' coffers for the 400 years to come. King Frederick II adorned the castle with spires, sandstone and copper roofs and Kronborg Castle became one of the most beautiful castles from the Renaissance. The castle was a legend in its heyday in the late 1500s. Sailors, merchants, diplomats and aristocrats spoke of the magnificent castle and court in Elsinore with its pomp and splendour. Shakespeare was never here, but he surely heard rumours about Kronborg Castle. A devastating fire in 1629 put a stop to the lavish court life, and after which it was downhill. The Swedish Karl Gustav occupied and plundered Kronborg in 1658-1660. For the next three hundred years, Kronborg was only used as a fortress and barracks for the Danish army.

In 2000 Kronborg Castle became a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and today life has returned to the castle with 250.000 visitors a year.

Holger the Dane

Holger the Dane sits and sleeps in Kronborg's casemates - until the day Denmark is really in trouble when he wakes up to defend the country! But until then you can see him sleep here.

Kronborg Castle Church

The castle church at Kronborg was consecrated in 1582 and was not touched by the fire in 1629, so the richly carved and paved painted fixtures are preserved in Frederik's 2nd original Renaissance style.

Kronborg's Secret...

Travel back in time till then Kronborg controlled the sound and brought Denmark prosperity - but everything is not as it should be and it's your job to save the kingdom from bankruptcy.


As a guest at Kronborg, you can step right into Hamlet's life, when his family and friends move into the castle from June 1 - August 31

Shakespeare festival at Kronborg Castle, Elsinore

The Shakespeare Festival

Experience a magical evening when the courtyard at Kronborg Castle buzzes with an international ambiance. Let Shakespeare’s play transport you to another universe.

Christmas at Kronborg Castle

An unusually fine combination of handicraft, quality products, gourmet experiences, and Christmas entertainment makes Kronborg’s Christmas market larger and more beautiful than ever before – an adventure for the whole family.


På Strandvejsristeriet dyrker de 3 indehavere deres passion for velsmagende kvalitetskaffe og har skabt et unikt kaffemiljø for kaffeelskere. Strandvejsristeriet ligger i Kronborg Slots gamle garnisonsbygninger.

Art in the Bastion Town

There are lots of talented artists and beautiful galleries in Bastion Town. Here you can often visit and experience the artists in their element.

The Kronborg Galleries

The Kronborg Galleries are housed in the fortifications at Kronborg Castle. The Galleries are a combination of workshops and the sale of goods and you will find everything from glass and ceramics to paintings, sculptures and textiles.

Elsinore Walk

A DIY guided city tour of Elsinore

Kroneruten or The Crown Route

135 kilometres around North Sealand's top - A bicycle route for the adventurous cyclists that want to see Hamlet's castle, the fishing villages, white beaches and renaissance castles.

The Castle Route in North Sealand

A first class bicycle experience. 75 kilometres around the castles, castle ruins and abbeys of North Sealand.

Danish Maritime Museum in Culture Harbour Kronborg

News. Visit the new architectural gem, the Danish Maritime Museum in Elsinore. The museum is designed by BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group.