Museum of National History Frederiksborg Castle


The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle is beautifully situated on three small islets in the castle lake in Hillerød. Inside the castle walls, great cultural experiences await the whole family, while the beautiful natural surroundings invite you to peaceful garden walks and sailing trips. The Danish King Christian 4th built Frederiksborg Castle at the beginning of the 17th century, and it is the largest renaissance construction in Scandinavia. The new buildings were meant to enhance and strengthen the position of Christian 4th as a powerful European monarch. Therefore the castle is richly ornamented with symbolic and decorative elements.

The Museum of National History – 500 years of Danish history

The Museum of National History has been housed in Frederiksborg Castle since 1878. The museum was founded on the initiative of the founder of Carlsberg, brewer J. C. Jacobsen, and it tells 500 years of Danish history through a rich collection of portraits, historical paintings, furniture, and applied art.

Frederiksborg Castle

Quaintly located in the middle of the castle lake in Hillerød you find Frederiksborg Castle. A lavish magnificent castle rich in details and craftsmanship.

Frederiksborg Castle Gardens

A magnificent example of landscaping and gardening, built on four terraces which descend downwards towards the castle lake. Beautiful and worth a visit all year round.

Frederiksborg Castle Church

The magnificent church, imagined and built as the royal family's private church survived the disastrous fire in 1859, and the authentic interior can, therefore, still be experienced today.


The Bathing Castle was built in 1580 by Frederik 2. The building had a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping areas. Here the king and his men could bathe and enjoy a lunch after the day's hunt.

M/F Frederiksborg

Take a tour of the beautiful Slotssø in Hillerød - and came close to Christian IV's magnificent Renaissance castle from the seaA tour takes about a half hour and you can get off at three locations.

Visit Badestueslottet on the Culture Night

The small castle is only open one day a year, and that is on the Culture Night in Hillerød.

The Par Force Hunting Landscape in North Sealand

The Par Force Hunting Landscape is modeled after Versailles and is today a unique European landscape design and UNESCO World Heritage Landscape.

The Par Force Bicycle Route 105

The Par Force bicycle route takes you through Gribskov forest and introduces you to the areas that make the forest UNESCO world heritage.

The Par Force Bicycle Route 110

The Par Force Bicycle Route 110 guides you through The Great Deer Park (Store Dyrehave) and introduces you to some of the areas and things that make the forest and roads UNESCO world heritage.

Gribskov forest

Explore the UNESCO world heritage landscape of Gribskov forest. Gribskov is one of the largest forests in Denmark.

Stjernen i Store Dyrehave

The Great Deer Park

Explore The Great Deer Park - The absolute King's big stage in North Sealand


Hillerød lies right in the heart of North Sealand and was once the home of the absolutist Kings -  Now it is the home of a magnificent renaissance castle and lovely shopping street.

Æbelholt Abbey

The museum and the ruins of Æbelholt Abbey are located five kilometres west of Hillerød. At the museum are the excavated ruins of what was the largest Augustinian monastery in the Middle Ages.

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