Shore excursion - Elsinore: Hamlet's castle, Kronborg

On this shore excursion, your cruise passengers can have the following experiences.

The setting of Shakespeare’s famous “Hamlet”. Renaissance castle Kronborg hosts “Holger Danske” in the underground casemates, a large Viking sculpture, said to come alive whenever Denmark faces danger.

There are few sites in the world where so much drama and history are gathered in one place. Here the cannon-surrounded fortress on the Danish coast merges with the luxurious Renaissance castle without its equal in northern Europe.

Hamlet’s Castle is a world heritage site with soaring towers, a huge banqueting hall and damp casemates.

Kronborg was built by King Frederik II in 1574- 85. The castle replaced King Erik of Pomerania's medieval castle, “Krogen", and used its fortifications to rule the entrance to the Sound, the stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden.

The four-wing castle is a masterpiece of Danish renaissance architecture. The copper-covered towers and spires adorning the building and the church gable are especially impressive. The “Trumpeter Tower” is the tallest with its regal spire.

We visit the Royal Chambers, the Councillor’s Hall with the seven tapestries, the church, and the Knight’s hall (the longest room in Northern Europe and the underground casemates and “Holger the Dane”.

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