Shore excursions: New Nordic origin etc.

On these shore excursions, your cruise passengers can have the following experiences.

1. New Nordic origin (Full day)

Ready for a challenge? Great art and exciting cultural experiences do something to us. They inspire us. They cause us to question our preconceptions. They move us away from the habitual – our comfort zone. This route gives you the opportunity to immerse yourselves in and reflect on the times we live in.

You will encounter art and culture of high quality. You will visit all the must-sees in the area. You will visit the architectural gems that contain the very soul of the best Danish architecture has to offer. And you will also meet some of the people who helped create these places – and thus helped to create the modern North Sealand.

People who hold fast to tradition, but who also dare to think innovatively. People who dare to create buildings that blend in with the landscape. People who are in search of authenticity and for whom functionality is paramount. Last but not least, people who are aware of our environment and for whom ecology is a natural part of their existence.

2. A meeting with old and new

“The new Elsinore”, visit Culture Harbour Kronborg, the Culture Yard and the Danish Maritime Museum. Enjoy lunch at Krone B at Kronborg Castle. After lunch, the tour continues to Louisiana The Modern Art Of Museum. If you’re visiting us in August, we recommend experiencing the Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s castle, Kronborg.

3. Royal Northern Sealand (5 hours)

Kronborg: Shakespeare immortalised this castle.

Fredensborg Castle: Real life Danish Royal Family’s summer residence, sights might include a genuine queen or one or two of Margrethe II’s 8 grandchildren!

Frederiksborg Castle: Renaissance and national historical museum.

4. The Coast and Landscape – North of Elsinore (6 hours)

Fantastic sculptures by Rudolph Tegner adorn these lovely heather hills. Adjoining museum.

Gilleleje: Visit the church where many Danish Jews were hidden during World War II – and then shipped into safety in Sweden by night. Last stop; the unique Cistercian Abbey in Esrum.

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