Shore excursion: Vikings

On this shore excursion, your cruise passengers can have the following experiences.

Vikings – their ships and museum
Further south in Roskilde Fjord, you find the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde which focuses on the Viking’s maritime craftsmanship and their ships. Since 1962 over six million people have seen these impressive ships that tell a tale of war, raids, trade, travel to far off places and life as it was a thousand years ago.

Viking ships from the first millennium
In the museum hall, you can see the five original Viking ships from the first millennium excavated from the bottom of Roskilde Fjord. The ships were part of a blockade built 20 kilometres north of Roskilde in the latter part of the 11th century as a defence against enemy naval attacks on the Roskilde, which at the time was the capital of Denmark.

Eat like a Viking
You can buy a New Viking Feast (lunch) in the museum's café. There are no potatoes, tomatoes or cucumbers, but there is flatbread, dried fish, sausages, buckthorn and hulled barley marinated in green herbs. The story of the Viking's voyages is illustrated through journeys to various destinations such as Greenland, Ireland, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean – and the ingredients tell stories about what the Vikings encountered on their voyages.

Sail like the Vikings
Would you like to discover what it’s like to be a Viking aboard a Viking ship? Then you can join a Viking raid on Roskilde Fjord for an unusual adventure that involves nature, history and sailing. As part of the ship’s crew, you’re responsible for rowing out of the harbour, setting sail and perhaps manning the helm under the guidance of a knowledgeable sailing instructor.

Meet the Vikings and the Danish Kings
Roskilde is the former capital of Denmark and home of the spectacular Viking Ship Museum. It was here in the fjord that five original 11th century Viking ships were excavated in 1962. They are well preserved, and the museum offers an opportunity to experience the ships, the Viking age, life at sea, and also offers a short film depicting the extensive work required to restore the longboats.

Visiting Roskilde naturally includes a visit to Roskilde Cathedral, located in the centre of Roskilde, with the tombs of the tombs of 39 Danish Kings and Queens, richly decorated in the style of their time. The cathedral is inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. On the way to and from Roskilde, guests can enjoy the North Sealand landscape and views of the Roskilde Fjord. On UNESCO World Heritage List.

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The Viking Ship Museum

Read more about the Viking Ship Museum at the museum's website