Exhibitions and activities 2016

Here you will find activities and exhibitions at Frederiksborg Castle 2016

Exhibitions 2016

30.01-28.02 The Bayeux tapestry at Frederiksborg. The museum exposes its complete photographic copy of the Bayeux tapestry. The pictorial story of the descendants of the Vikings, the Normans, preparing and accomplishing the conquest of England in 1066, appeals to both children and adults.

19th and 20th February the Bayeux group will be present, embroidering and showing their finished work.

13.02-17.05 On the road; in 1986 Gurli Nielsen spent a year in the USA travelling around taking photos of people, towns, and landscapes. The exhibition takes us along on a trip from California, through the Midwest and the American South to New York. We meet all sorts of Americans – among them Indians, Afro-Americans, the poor, the young, children and old people – in honest and respectful portraits.

20.03-30.06 Jonathan Yeo – portraits. The British artist Jonathan Yeo is renowned for his many portraits of world famous politicians, artists, and others. At the exhibition you can for instance see his famous portraits of the Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, the former British prime minister Tony Blair, the actor Kevin Spacey in the part of Richard 3rd, and many others.

The exhibition is an encounter with a world class artist – an artist who learned from the classics, but has found his own way and contributed to the revitalization of portrait painting and of the figurative painting in the 21st century. 

12.05-04.09 Audience with King Christian 5th. After a thorough restoration the audience hall at Frederiksborg Castle with its adjoining secret passage stands in its former glory, like the chambers Christian 5th had furnished in the 1680s. Here architecture, painting, and handicraft – like stucco, marbling, and wood carving form a synthesis. In the domed vault small stucco angels practically float, bearing the crown and monogram of Christian 5th. On the walls you see among others things the Oldenborg kings painted by the French artist Jacob d’Agar, and scenes from the Scanian war. On the occasion of the reopening of the audience hall the museum presents an exhibition telling about the furnishing and use of the castle in the times of Christian 5th. Here among other things you can see the original costume worn by the king during his coronation and anointing ceremony at Frederiksborg Castle.

Activities 2016

13.02-21.02 Winter’s holiday at Frederiksborg. In our children’s workshop you can colour gripping beasts or write your name in runes.

19.02-20.02 the Bayeux group is embroidering. The museum receives the group that embroidered a complete copy of the tapestry in 14 years. Now they are creating an ending which is missing in the original tapestry.

12.05-16.05 Baroque days. On the occasion of the opening of the newly restored audience hall at Frederiksborg the museum offers lots of activities and experiences relating to the baroque. Feel the atmosphere of the baroque at concerts and dance performances, or taste the food of the time. Children can try preparing for an audience with an absolute king. They can also participate in laying the table for a feast and preparing a masked ball.

19.03-28.03 Easter at Frederiksborg. During Easter you can see unique tapestry weaved tablecloths from the 1600s. Among the subjects on the cloths are flowers and biblical stories. With the tablecloths there is a historical tulip decoration from a time when these flowers were rare and extremely precious.

The children’s history of Denmark

At Easter the children’s history of Denmark opens in the old wine cellar of the castle. In the exhibition Martin Bigum’s four large history paintings about the childhood of King Christian 4th, his adolescence and fate as a king. Hear you can try on one of the many recreated renaissance gowns or a suit of armour. You can also write with a quill and ink. The children’s history of Denmark is open every day during the Easter holidays 19.03-28.03. In the following weekends and every day during the summer holidays 25.06-09.08





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