Shakespeare Festival at Hamlets Castle

The Shakespeare Double Anniversary in 2016

In 2016 all of Elsinore marks 200 years of the world’s oldest Shakespeare tradition at Hamlet’s Castle, Kronborg as well as the 400-year anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. This summer audiences from all over the world will once again be able to walk along the deep dark water of the moat, reflecting the shimmering light from many burning torches, and enter the courtyard to hear the actors ask, once again, ‘who’s there?’

Who will be there? The ghosts of the past to re-tell their stories in the present…

In 2016 the festival will present an exuberance of shows and activities to celebrate the double anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 1616 AND the beginning and a still living tradition of playing Shakespeare at Hamlet’s castle since 1816. If you are wondering where to be in the great Shakespearean year of 2016, this is the event not to be missed for lovers of theatre, history, culture and nature in a wonderful corner of northern Europe. 

Events in Elsinore

There are a lot of events in Helsingør during the year. This may give you some inspiration.


Kronborg - Hamlets Castle

Kronborg is a must-see! There are few sites in the world where so much drama and history are gathered in one place. The castle is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and it is known all around the world through Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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