Shakespeare at Hamlet's Castle

For centuries theatre audiences all over the world have heard Shakespeare’s Danish prince Hamlet welcome his friends to the court of Elsinore; a place populated by ghosts, corrupted by intrigue and murder, fired by deep passions and elevated by some of the most profound thoughts ever produced by the human mind. But Shakespeare’s fictional setting is also a real place: To this day Hamlet’s home is very much alive at Kronborg Castle, one of the finest examples of North European Renaissance architecture, and a UNESCO heritage site. This is a unique place; where stories of the past are relived in the present, where fact and fiction mysteriously blend, and where acclaimed actors flock every summer to perform at the international Shakespeare festival.

Hamlet Live - from June to August

June through August, Hamlet, his family and enemies take up residence in Kronborg Castle

Shakespeare festival at Kronborg Castle, Elsinore

The Shakespeare Festival

Experience a magical evening when the courtyard at Kronborg Castle buzzes with an international ambiance. Let Shakespeare’s play transport you to another universe.

What to see - In the footsteps of Hamlet

‘Gentlemen, you are welcome to Elsinore’ (Hamlet, 2.2)

Kronborg - Hamlets Castle

Kronborg is a must-see! There are few sites in the world where so much drama and history are gathered in one place. The castle is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and it is known all around the world through Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Elsinore - Home of Hamlet

Welcome to Elsinore, home of Hamlet, where the fortified walls tell stories inextricably linked to Shakespeare’s iconic play.

Top Attractions in Elsinore

When arriving in the charming harbour town of Elsinore, with its cosy and colourful medieval streets, historic churches and sailors’ inns, visitors are met with the sight of Kronborg in all its austere majesty.

Events in Elsinore

There are a lot of events in Elsinore during the year. This may give you some inspiration.


Sleep well in Elsinore

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Mad og restauranter i helsingør

Eat well in Elsinore

Elsinore has plenty to offer to the culinary explorer, and we have made it easy for you with a list of all restaurants and cafes

Transportation - how to get around in North Sealand

Come easily to, from and around North Sealand - by train, bus, ferry etc.

Visit The Danish Riviera

Watch the sun warming the horizon as you pull on your swimwear and immerse yourself in the waves of blue. Together with your family or with the love of your life. The Danish Riviera

Royal, magic and private gardens

Explore gardens and parks that contain world-class art, and unique and magical parks that will invigorate all of your senses

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The Danish Riviera on Bike

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Royal North Sealand is full of fantastic bicycling experiences - and it is as easy as just jumping on your bike and pedalling away into the serene sunset