Experience nature in Halsnæs

Halsnæs offers a beautiful and varied landscape with sea, fjord, beach, forest and lake and a lot of good routes and trails that allow you to experience the beautiful scenery close by. Here, there is plenty of space for active outdoor experiences for the whole family, whether you want to hike, run, bike or play - or just enjoy the many beautiful vistas. Follow the forest trails through the small and larger forest areas and explore the bird and wildlife, or use the paths to experience the forest in an active and different way.

Visit Spodsbjerg Lighthouse and enjoy the fresh air from the sea and fjord while enjoying the magnificent view.

Dyssekilde Ecological Village is worth a visit if you want to experience architecture that leads into nature.

Led your mind wander on the many Look-Up benches which have been placed around the countryside, go birdwatching or enjoy nature while sailing on Denmark's largest lake, Arresø. There are many opportunities in Halsnæs and only the imaginations set the limits.

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Sail on Arresø, Denmarks largest lake

If you want to experience unique, untouched nature then board the tour boat M/S Frederikke on Arresø - Denmark's largest lake. From May 1st Frederikke sails on Arresø. Book your tour here

Find peace in nature on the new Look-Up benches in Halsnæs

Rundt omkring i Halsnæs er der placeret fire kig op-bænke hvor man kan ligge og nyde den fred, ro og dyreliv som naturen i Halsnæs er omgivet af. Få fred og ro i sjælen og lad tankerne flyve....

The forests of Halsnæs

Halsnæs has many large and small woodlands. 

Nature areas

Halsnæs has many special and exciting nature areas

Havtyren nature playground

Havtyren is a large and beautiful nature playground in the middle of Liseleje village. Havtyren is open year round and can be found in the little forest on your right when you drive down Lisehøjvej towards the beach. At Havtyren there is also a zip-line, eel trap and seesaw as well as a shelter where you can eat your packed lunch.

The Danish Riviera on Bike

Experience North Sealand by bike

Royal North Sealand is full of fantastic bicycling experiences - and it is as easy as just jumping on your bike and pedalling away into the serene sunset