Kings Challenge in Royal North Sealand

Dreaming of spending an active holiday in beautiful, natural surroundings, offering ample opportunity for exercise, competing with the family and trying new sports? Like to get your pulse up and new challenges, seasoned with gourmet experiences in a class of their own? Then try our new holiday concept, the King’s Challenge. It is packed with exciting things to do for anyone looking for an active holiday – with lots of togetherness.

Family Explorer
Day one and the father of the family is already being challenged on the skateboard by his sons. The next day, it’s his turn to challenge the children to windsurfing with a trip to the sea. The mother puts the family to the test with nature fitness in the woods. The sister challenges the family to riding – and all the family has to try new challenges such as castle climbing[LH1] , mountain biking and parkour in the North Zealand treetops.

Challenge Your Friends
Royal North Zealand is like one big adventure park, packed with things to do for those who enjoy being active in the great outdoors, with everything from golf, running, cycling, horse riding, and those who love fun, personal and physical challenges in the company of friends – and who maybe have a desire to learn a new sport.

The King’s Challenge
The beautiful and varied countryside of North Zealand provides the setting for a number of hard physical activities in the great outdoors all year round. The King’s Challenge is an adventure race that will take you around to a number of little gems in the North Zealand countryside for running, cycling and swimming, offering major challenges and the battle against the forces of nature. This is where you train with the stars and are rewarded as kings.

In the evening, you can relax at one of Royal North Zealand’s beautiful hotels and consume delicious local food after a long and eventful day filled with physical activity.

The programme is put together according to your needs and temperament. You just need to be ready for the next day’s exciting challenges – whether at sea, on land or in the air. It’s entirely up to you!

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The adventure routes in Kings Challenge

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