Meet the Vikings - if you dare!

Visit the home of the Vikings

Port of Hundested offers 350 metres of quay and is the sole location where you will experience the true spirit of the world famous and dreaded Vikings – with great historical sights close by. One thing is for sure. The Danish Vikings will capture your heart and bring you on a raid of unforgettable experiences. Look for the Vikings on the horizon and feel the atmosphere of ancient power!

And just 10 kilometres (6 miles) from the cruise quay in Hundested, there is a reconstructed Viking village with longhouses and other small houses. Every summer open-air performances tell the story of Viking life including dramatic sword fights, lure and mead drinking.

Port of Hundested

The gateway for the brave Vikings and later a small fishing harbour and today an idyllic town with a lively waterfront dotted with coastal cargo ships, ferries, fishing boats and sailing boats galore. The beach is right next to the harbour. The special light glimmering from the "three waters” around Hundested has attracted many artists, and several art studios representing all sorts of “-isms” can be found in and around the town.

Hundested takes its name from an offshore reef, where kings and others hunted seals, which is why there are several sculptures, posters and labels around the town bearing a distinctive little round seal’s head.

Hundested offers easy access to The The Danish Viking Museum, North Sealand and Copenhagen with more than 30 castles, museums and attractions within a maximum 75 minutes of transportation.

Watch the Vikings re-emerge from the ashes of their home ground in Port of Hundested. Once you trespass the imposing Viking ships in the fjord, fearless fighters will welcome you at the pier. Cheer for your favourite Viking in his life-and-death sword fight, cast a glance at the ornamented jewellery and handicrafts at the marketplace – and enjoy a cold glass of mead at the local brewery.

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Must sees in Hundested

Sandsculpture Festival

Giant sand sculptures, created by the best international sand artists will throughout the summer showing at Hundested Harbour. The Sand Sculpture Festival has a unique location right on the harbour.

The house of Knud Rasmussen

Here Knud Rasmussen worked between his many expeditions to Greenland.


Backhaus & Brown 

Glass-blowers' workshop and gallery situated right on the harbour