My castle, my retreat in Royal North Sealand

Denmark’s most spectacular castles, idyllic coastal towns, enchanting woodland, refreshing lakes and green landscapes. North Sealand, north of Copenhagen, has been the playground of kings, queens and townsfolk for centuries. A sanctuary where the pace slows right down, where there are no demands or restrictions, but where you can simply enjoy life to the fullest.

The “My castle, my retreat” route takes you past all the must-sees in the area. You will come face to face with the cultural heritage of the area as you learn all about the dramatic history of its castles. You will be seduced by modern art and culture of high quality, and visit architectural gems that contain the very soul of the best in Danish architecture.

Visit, for example, Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, where the Renaissance kings held court. Despite being ravaged by fire and wars, Kronborg still many holds many reminders of its time as one of finest Renaissance castles in Europe.

Throughout the summer, there is theatre in the courtyard, where you can experience Shakespeare’s famous play in the open air when HamletScenen relives the drama. Experience the atmosphere of Elsinore’s medieval town, which, with its crooked streets and small art shops, is well worth a visit.

One of the area’s greatest cultural gems is Louisiana, the largest and most exciting art museum in Scandinavia. The museum has more than 3,000 international works and a beautiful sculpture park offering panoramic views over Øresund Sound. But Louisiana is not just a museum. It is a modern Danish recipe for the good life, which is all about liberalism and humanism.

Frederiksborg Castle is also a must. Built by Christian IV in the 1600s, it is the largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. The opulent castle is rich in details and impressive craftsmanship, and is a unique destination offering wonderful cultural experiences, walks in the grounds and boat rides on the castle lake.

The international flower festival, Garden Living Fair, which has been named one of Europe’s 12 most beautiful garden and lifestyle exhibitions is held in the beautiful Baroque gardens of the castle every year. The entire experience is seasoned with summer ambience at its very best in the most scenic setting of Royal North Sealand.

Fredensborg Palace, which remains the favourite place of the Queen and Prince Consort and Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, is also well worth a visit.

Royal North Sealand is also home to some of the best wineries, breweries and local food producers, which open their doors to visitors every year. And in between castle visits, there is thus ample opportunity for new culinary experiences.

And it’s all just thirty minutes away from Copenhagen. Take a pleasant train ride along the Coast Line from Copenhagen to Elsinore and enjoy the views over Dyrehaven, a green park where deer graze among the ancient oak trees. When you reach your destination, rent a couple of bikes and cycle from castle to castle through the beautiful landscape.

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