Sources of New Nordic in Royal North Sealand

New Nordic cuisine, modern open sandwiches, TV series, fashion, design and architecture. New Danish cultural products are currently in high demand on the international scene. Across the genres, the common thread is values such as naturalness, tradition and functionality. In North Sealand, more than anywhere else, you experience the cultural foundation of these innovations: the modernist tradition.

When Danes are newly in love and want to show each other that their feelings are sincere and heartfelt, they often visit the museum Louisiana together.

By inviting your chosen one to Louisiana, you show that you are really serious, that you are a cultured person, and that you have the ambition to achieve the best in life. Louisiana sets a high standard. But it is also versatile; most can be a part of it if they exert themselves.

Louisiana is also a place where it is OK to be in love. It is OK to kiss, laugh and drink wine. It is OK to lie on a rug in the park, holding hands, enjoying the sun and the view over the water. It is OK to be intoxicated by the art, love and wine.

Louisiana is not just a museum. It is a philosophy. A path you can choose in life. A modern Danish recipe for the good life. A cultural source code. The recipe contains liberalism and humanism. Progress and prosperity. Ambition and a dedication to duty. A sense of being at one with nature. A balance between the individual and the community.

On a trip through modernism’s North Sealand, you can explore this foundation. See how it unfolds in active production. And experience how it is passed on to the next generations.

But the journey also takes you back in time and presents some of the early roots of modernism, while it also includes some of the latest trends that break with the modernist tradition and show a possible way forward to something new and different. A way which increasingly looks out into the world, is increasingly global, but with full respect for the past and tradition.

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