Experience nature in Halsnæs

Halsnæs offers a beautiful and varied landscape with sea, fjord, beach, forest and lake and a lot of good routes and trails that allow you to experience the beautiful scenery close by. Here, there is plenty of space for active outdoor experiences for the whole family, whether you want to hike, run, bike or play - or just enjoy the many beautiful vistas.

Exhibitions and activities 2016

Exhibitions 2016

30.01-28.02 The Bayeux tapestry at Frederiksborg. The museum exposes its complete photographic copy of the Bayeux tapestry. The pictorial story of the descendants of the Vikings, the Normans, preparing and accomplishing the conquest of England in 1066, appeals to both children and adults.

Rent a holiday house

In North Sealand, you will find several rental agencies that will help you to a wonderful holiday. The holiday homes are located on the beaches along the Danish Riviera, inland and close to towns like Hornbæk and Tisvildeleje or Liseleje

Hostels in North Sealand

Close to nature, more communal and with great opportunities for sports. Hostels are for you if you want to meet people (even Danes!), get inspired and have a social, active or nature vacation without breaking the bank.

New Nordic origin - detailed program

Day 1 – A meeting with old and new

Visit the new Culture Harbour Kronborg in Elsinore
Did he just blink? You begin the tour in Elsinore with a look at HAN (he), a sculpture by the artists Elmgreen and Dragset. The surface is shiny and reflects the surroundings. And yes, he blinks, but patience and contemplation are required because it only happens once in a while. Do you have the time to wait?

New Nordic origin

You will encounter art and culture of high quality. You will visit all the must-sees in the area. You will visit the architectural gems that contain the very soul of the best Danish architecture has to offer. And you will also meet some of the people who helped create these places – and thus helped to create the modern North Sealand. People who hold fast to tradition, but who also dare to think innovatively. People who dare to create buildings that blend in with the landscape.

Museums in North Sealand

Our museums are the gateway to North Sealand's history. Learn more about kings, monks, artists and shipping in North Sealand.

Active Holidays in Hornbæk

Holiday with action in Hornbæk

Hiking and running in the plantation 
Hornbæk Plantage is a diversified forest and as such ideal for hiking or running. Following the marked route 8 km around the forest, you will get exercise while discovering the varied wildlife. 

Hornbæk Plantage covers a 3 km stretch of land east of the harbour, running south towards the town’s residential neighbourhood. 

Kunst på Molen

Art and Culture in Hornbæk

From the middle of the 19. century artists started visiting North Sealand and Hornbæk looking for subject matter and inspiration.

The church has an altarpiece, painted by one of the most famous painters of “The Golden Age” in the middle of the 19. century, C.W. Eckersberg. 

Wellness Hornbæk

Hornbæk is the place to revive your energy and spirit close to the sea, the beach and the forest. In addition to the lovely surroundings, Hornbæk offers several spa- and wellness facilities. 
Hornbæk is the place to gain spiritual well-being from nature combined with pleasant spa- and wellness experiences. 

World-class culture

Day 1

about 8 km cycling in total

• Afternoon check in at Hotel Marienlyst – located right by Øresund.
• Restaurant Sletten is located at the idyllic Sletten Harbour and is owned by the chefs behind the Michelin starred Restauranten Formel B in Copenhagen. You enjoy your dinner here.

Day 2

about 22 km cycling in total

Culture and love

Day 1

about 8 km cycling in total

Love with a view

Day 1

about 8 km cycling in total

Create Creative Desserts


• 17:00 Check into shared double rooms in Hotel Hillerød, located in the heart of beautiful and historical North Sealand. You will be served tea and a delicious dessert.
• Your evening meal will be at Italian restaurant Castello Rufo Ruffo in Hillerød, accompanied by music.

Sweet Company


• 16:00 Arrive at Helenekilde Badehotel in Tisvildeleje.
• 17:00 Coffee and tea and naturally, something deliciously sweet, served on the wonderful lounge terrace. Later, the hotel’s masseur will give you a 30 minute massage.
• Your evening meal is served in Tisvilde Bistro. The restaurant believes in simple and honest food, based on the very best seasonal ingredients.

Sweet Life


• 16:00 Check in at Comwell Borupgaard in Snekkersten. 17:00 Tea served with a dessert made from local ingredients.
• Afterwards relax in the lovely AquaSpa area. You can try the cold water bath, relaxation sauna, aromatherapy, footbath, tropical shower and outdoor hot tub. Or use the fitness room to burn off some extra calories to make room for those delicious desserts.