Experience the old Gilleleje

Gilleleje, in Gribskov Municipality, is situated on North Sealands most northernly point, Gilbjerghoved. The town has succeeded in preserving a large part of the original fishing village's idyllic charm with small streets and old thatched houses. Gilleleje is a lively tourist, shopping and fishing town with Sealand's largest fisheries port as its natural centre. 

Experience nature in Halsnæs

Halsnæs offers a beautiful and varied landscape with sea, fjord, beach, forest and lake and a lot of good routes and trails that allow you to experience the beautiful scenery close by. Here, there is plenty of space for active outdoor experiences for the whole family, whether you want to hike, run, bike or play - or just enjoy the many beautiful vistas.

Nature Campsites i Royal North Sealand

Spending the night in the open is refreshing, liberating and so incredibly easy. Whether you're a seasoned camper or just beginning your outdoor adventure you can find your way to your camping site in the wild below.

Exhibitions and activities 2016

Exhibitions 2016

30.01-28.02 The Bayeux tapestry at Frederiksborg. The museum exposes its complete photographic copy of the Bayeux tapestry. The pictorial story of the descendants of the Vikings, the Normans, preparing and accomplishing the conquest of England in 1066, appeals to both children and adults.

Bed & Breakfast in North Sealand

B&B - small, cosy and life-affirming and relatively inexpensive. B&B's help you slow right down and enjoy North Sealand, yourself and your partner in a calm homely atmosphere.

Rent a holiday house

In North Sealand, you will find several rental agencies that will help you to a wonderful holiday. The holiday homes are located on the beaches along the Danish Riviera, inland and close to towns like Hornbæk and Tisvildeleje or Liseleje

Campsites in Nord Sealand

In North Sealand you will find many nice campsites and most the welcoming hostels, you can imagine. Here is peace and quiet, small green tranquil oases, high-quality beaches, and beautiful nature just outside the door.

Hostels in North Sealand

Close to nature, more communal and with great opportunities for sports. Hostels are for you if you want to meet people (even Danes!), get inspired and have a social, active or nature vacation without breaking the bank.

Holiday centres in Royal North Sealand

Seaside location? Apartment or village setting? or maybe you prefer a converted farm? Whether visiting as a small group or an entire platoon you can find the holiday centre best suited to you and your group's needs.

Get a good nights sleep in Royal North Sealand

The many lovely hotels in North Sealand offer new and different experiences. Put on the thick, soft bathrobe and go into a wonderland of well-being, beauty treatments, oil massages, relaxation and swimming. Relax and reflect on life, charge your batteries, dream beautiful dreams - and enjoy life.

My castle, my retreat in Royal North Sealand

The “My castle, my retreat” route takes you past all the must-sees in the area. You will come face to face with the cultural heritage of the area as you learn all about the dramatic history of its castles. You will be seduced by modern art and culture of high quality, and visit architectural gems that contain the very soul of the best in Danish architecture.

Sources of New Nordic in Royal North Sealand

When Danes are newly in love and want to show each other that their feelings are sincere and heartfelt, they often visit the museum Louisiana together.

By inviting your chosen one to Louisiana, you show that you are really serious, that you are a cultured person, and that you have the ambition to achieve the best in life. Louisiana sets a high standard. But it is also versatile; most can be a part of it if they exert themselves.