Tisvildeleje Strand

Beaches in North Sealand

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

The north coast is called The Danish Riviera. Here you will find a wealth of beautiful beaches. Some with blue flags, others are more undisturbed, and others are in the middle of the city. It´s never far from the town, an attraction or a restaurant.

Beaches, dunes and plantations. Charming seaside towns, high skies and fresh sea air. Sealand´s north coast has it all. Here you can find peace in your soul and soak up the summer atmosphere in the 11 idyllic seaside towns, scattered like pearls on a string by the Sound and Kattegat along the North Sealand coast. 

The Danish Riviera has plenty of experiences in store for families with children, nature lovers and bathers. Beautiful beaches stretch all the way along the coast, and 21 of them are manned with life-guards. These specially trained life-guards ensure the bathing weather along the almost 70-kilometre stretch between Nivå and Hundested is the safest in Denmark. 

Popular sandy beach with lovely dunes

Far west is Hundested with its popular sandy beach and dunes, just two-minute walk from the harbour and town. The beach is popular with both tourists and locals alike. There are good parking facilities and a fine view across the mouth of Isefjord and Rørvig to the west. Five kilometres further east, the beach at Gråstenvej is equally popular and more child-friendly. 

Trekanten Beach by Hundested

Trekanten beach is the name of the beach in Hundested town. The beach is 300 m long, big and beautiful with nice sand and sandy bottom and a blue flag that indicates clear and clean water. Perfect parking options close by along the pier. During the school summer holidays, there are life...

The beach by Gråstenvej

Gråstenvej beach located on the edge of Nødebohuse is a beautiful and lovely beach with the right conditions for families with children. The beach quality is good with few stones and sandy bottom out in the water. The landscaped stone chimneys and the generally protected beach area provide...

Nødebohuse Beach

Nødbohuse beach is on the north coast, and stands out from the crowd, being a quiet and not so visited beach in North Sealand. White sand, water and very child-friendly and with the opportunity to have a more private beach trip.

Eight kilometres of golden beach & classic seaside town

Liseleje is a romantic seaside town by the edge of Tisvilde Hegn. It has charming timbered houses and hollyhocks, a wide sandy beach and a large car park that is easily accessible. Enjoy the shallow, child-friendly sandy beach with lifeguard supervision and disabled access. 

The old fishing village in Tisvilde is the essence of a traditional seaside town that has become a fashionable and popular destination with cafes and nightlife in recent years. The popular beach is studded with classic bathing huts painted in charming colours. Further down the beach from the car park, you´ll find beaches with large dunes in wild nature, and Stængehus is roughly halfway between Liseleje and Tisvildeleje. 

Liseleje Beach

The waters around Liseleje can be used in many ways - you will appreciate why Liseleje is a natural part of the Danish Riviera. Lie down with a good book in the dunes, or walk along the wide, sandy beach. The child-friendly bathing waters can be enjoyed by all ages, or cast your fishing...

Stængehus beach

Beach with a few stone and good dunes. Lifeguard in the summer.

Tisvildeleje Beach

Tisvildeleje has a wonderful family-friendly sandy beach with clear water.

Classic seaside promenade, fishery and atmosphere

Rågeleje has a classic seaside promenade, which follows the coastal road, staying close to the water´s edge. You can enjoy a stroll in all kinds of weather and when the wind gets up, you can admire the fearless windsurfers darting about on the waves. 

Gilleleje is an old fishing town that still has an active fishery and a large, busy harbour. The beaches on either side of the harbour are excellent. The lovely family-friendly beach of Strandbakkerne lies towards the east, and on the other side of the harbour is Veststranden, with slightly deeper water, often with more waves. 

Rågeleje Beach

Rågeleje Strand Stretch of sand with small beach huts and on-duty lifeguards during the high season.

Strandbakkerne Beach

Strandbakkerne The cosy sandy beach in scenic surroundings east of Gilleleje Harbor with lifeguard service during the summer vacation. The low water makes the beach child-friendly. The beach is not suitable for persons with a disability.

Gilleleje Western Beach

Gilleleje Veststrand or Gilleleje Western Beach is a lovely beach close to the town and a stone's throw from the harbour.

Perfect family beach, charm and atmosphere.

Dronningmølle beach is one of North Sealand´s most child-friendly beaches. Fine sand, clean, shallow water and two life-guard stations make the beach a popular choice for families with children. There are good handicap facilities with ramps down to the water, toilets and parking by the campsite. There is also parking and steps to the beach in Dronningmølle town. 

Hornbæk is the ost well-known seaside town on the north coast. It´s a lively harbour town, brimming with charm ad atmosphere around the timbered houses in the old fishing area. The town is buzzing with life and activities and the large beach has lovely fine sand and high dunes, There are many visitors to the beach on warm summer days.

Hornbæk beach

The largest and most visited beach on the coast of North Sealand This is mainly due to the good quality: A wide beach with fine sand and good water quality, sheltering dunes in the backdrop and the safe swimming for children and adults. The beach is equipped with two lifeguard stations ...

Dronningmølle Beach

Dronningmølle beach is one of the North Coast's best and most visited beaches. It is child-friendly, accessible for wheelchair-users on the eastern end, and staffed with two lifeguard posts in the season.

Delightful beaches with a view and close to the harbour

On the other side of Helsingør (Elsinore), the coastline turns south, where there are lots of small but very charming and private beaches. Snekkersten and Espergærde lie side by side with lawns and old sites once used to dry fishing nets; reminders of a time when fishing for herring in the Øresund was a source of wealth. Both beaches have fine sand and lovely views of Sweden across the Sound. 

Nivå has a lovely child-friendly beach that extends from Nivå Harbour. Children can swim and catch crabs in the shallow water.

Espergærde Beach

Espergaerde beach lies just south of the Espergaerde harbour. The sandy beach is of good quality and staffed with lifeguard post from mid-June to mid-August. Here are often sheltered when the wind blows on the North Coast beaches.

Snekkersten Beach

Snekkersten beach lies approximately 3 km south of Helsingør. The sandy beach with grass areas in the background equipped with tables and benches are a popular beach for locals from Snekkersten and Helsingør. The protected environment means that there is rarely any wind and waves, making b...

Nivå Beach

Nivå has the most beautiful beach near the harbour. There are lifeguards throughout the school summer vacation. A bathing bridge has been established for disabled people. At the harbour, there is a boule course, restaurant and kiosk.

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Badning i populære søer

Hop i vandet fra badebroen i de to populære badesøer, Teglgårdssøen i Hillerød og Esrum Sø ved Fredensborg. 

The bathing lake Teglgårdssøen in Hillerød

With its clean water, Teglgårdssøen is a lovely spot for relaxation close to Hillerød town center. You can swim from a small sandy beach with a bathing bridge in beautiful green surroundings. The water quality is excellent and is regularly checked during the season.

Swimming in Lake Esrum

For those who enjoy a good swim in the summer or the cold shiver in winter, Esrum Lake offers itself with plenty of water. By Nødebo, in the southwestern end of the lake, it is possible to jump into the water from the jetty. Drive from Hillerød to Nødebo. Drive down to Lake Esrum by Nød...

Swimming lane in Lake Esrum Sø

Go for a swim on the swimming lane at the Frederiksborg side of Lake Esrum Sø. Start from the bathing jetty at Fredensborg Harbour. The length of the lane is 1.000 meters marked by a numerated buoy for every 100 meters. A turnaround buoy is placed at "Kongebroen". The swimming lane is ...

Lifeguards along the Danish Riviera

For over 75 years, the North Sealand Coastal Lifesaving Service has watched over sandy beaches of the Sund all the way to Kattegat´s beautiful dune-filled natural beaches. The lifesaving stations in North Sealand are located only a few kilometres apart, which is closer than anywhere else in Denmark.

Every year, over 100 volunteers and professional lifeguards help to ensure visitors have a good and safe day at the beach. The volunteers make it possible for children and young people, locals and tourists to learn how to use the sea all year long. For decades, the tradition of sharing advice and prevention methods has helped to make North Sealand´s beaches som of the safest in Denmark. 


North Sealand´s proud lifesaving tradition

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

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Cool off with some great ice cream

Summer, sun, beach – the perfect setup for a refreshingly cold ice cream treat or gelato to help cool off in the summer heat.

Surfing in North Sealand

The surfing areas in North Sealand are among the best in Europe and one of the very best spots at Lynæs, a few kilometres from Hundested. All year round you has the opportunity to catch wind of the sail as you head out from the beautiful area or along the North Coast.

At the water

Water is the source of life and wellness in North Sealand - and we have plenty of water and plenty of things to do on and in it. Head out into the water and surf, sail or canoe or throw out your fishing line into the blissful h2O and catch your dinner.