Fisk holdes i to hænder og er fanget i Nordsjælland

Coastal fishing/Harbour and jetty fishing

Some of the best fishing spots can be found in harbours and along jetties. The jetties are usually made of large stones where prey and fish can hide inside. This attracts many different species of fish and often you can also get out into deeper water. In order for ships to be able to sail in, the harbours must be deep. This means that there is deep water very close to land so many species also come here.

Fishing gear for coastal fishing

  • Spinning rod between 240-300 cm with suitable reel
  • Braided line (0.10-0.15 mm) or nylon line (0.20-0.25 mm)
  • Flatfish leaders, weights of 20-80 g, lures or pilkers

You can fish for everything from mackerel, herring, flatfish and sea trout to small prawns and crabs in these areas. But what’s the best way to catch them?

Lures and wobblers are very good for fishing for mackerel, cod or sea trout. You can quickly cover a lot of water and they are effective. If you want to catch cod, jigs or rubber squid are excellent. For cod, the colours red, blue and orange work well.

Flatfish fishing

Coastal fishing is great when you’re looking for flatfish. There are often many flatfish in the area – the most important thing is whether you can locate them. Here you use flatfish rigs and rigs with float bait in vivid colours, which often work best. You can stay at the bottom with a casting weight between 20-50 g. For bait, use ragworm or lugworm. If you just cast and wait, you might be lucky and catch a fish, but if you want to optimise your chances, it’s best to pull your leader very slowly across the bottom. This allows you to cover a lot of water and significantly increase your chances of success.

Fishing for crab

If you are new to fishing, there’s nothing more fun than catching crabs on the jetty. It’s easy to do but also challenging, so much so that even adults can get carried away by the atmosphere. All you need is a pair of crab tongs that you can buy in most tackle shops. There is a clothes peg at the end of the line and a small, simple reel.

As bait you can use fish pieces, worms, prawns or just a piece of strong-smelling meat from the supermarket. When you lower it to the bottom, the crabs come out from the rocks. Once they latch on it’s important to keep your focus when reeling them in. Try it!