Cykel gennem Frederiksborg slot

Experience beautiful North Sealand by bike

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

North Sealand is a kingdom for cyclists. Discover the majestic castles on the Castle Route along sea and lakes. Visit tiny coastal villages, where thatched houses surrounded by hollyhocks and cobbled stones take you back in time.


Enjoy the peacefulness along the Coastal Route with views of white sandy beaches and crashing waves. Or pedal your way into the deep tranquillity of the forest on the routes 105 and 110 – to the UNESCO World Heritage forests and Denmark's fifth national park.

Work up a sweat or cruise along at a family-friendly pace - everyone can bike around North Sealand. You can rent, borrow or bring your bike. There is no doubt cycling is the best way to spend a unique holiday. The fragrance of the forest and fields, the sound of the crashing waves: Invaluable opportunities await you in North Sealand.

Bicycle routes in North Sealand

In North Sealand, there are many amazing bicycle routes and here we have collected a selection of the best

The North Coast Path

Length: 65km   Degree of difficulty: Medium    Go for a ride through small cosy coastal villages with plenty of possibilities to g...

The Palace and Castle Route

Length: 75km Degree of difficulty: Medium   A ride through landscapes created for the royal shooting parties of that time.

The Crown Route

Length: 135km Degree of difficulty: Difficult This cycle route is for those who love castles, palaces, fisher villages, and beaches.

Gilleleje-Hillerød | Route 33

Length: 27 km Degree of difficulty:  Medium The cycle route is the fastest cycle route from Hillerød to the beach in Gilleleje.

Parforce cycle route 105

Length: 15km Degree of difficulty: Easy. Go for a ride from Frederiksborg Castle past the Bath House Castle, out in the Parforce Hunting Landscape past the small town Nødebo to the middle of the star. Ride from the middle of the star by Pælevej on your way back to Hillerød.

Parforce cycle route 110

Parforce cycle route 110: Length: 10 km | Degree of  difficulty: Easy. Go for a ride from Frederiksborg Castle out in the Parforce Hunting Landscape to the middle of the King’s Star with the compass stone in the middle. Ride through the Baroque Gardens on your way back to the castle.

Signposted bike routes

Photo: Tine Uffelmann

Tour suggestions

Photo: Tine Uffelmann


Photo: VisitNordsjælland

Practical info for your bicycle trip in North Sealand

There are several things you need to know before you start your biking adventure in North Sealand. We have collected some of what you need to know here

Bicycle rental

If you want to experience North Sealand on two wheels, then there are excellent opportunities for renting or borrowing bicycles in the area. Several bicycle dealers have their rental service at reasonable prices. Here are also skilled mechanics who help with repairs.

Map of North Sealand

With the North Sealand map on hand, you get a nice overview map which contains cycling routes and hiking routes in North Sealand. Take the map with you in your pocket or bag. The map gives you a great overview of North Sealand. You can buy it here .

Rules, tips and tricks for your bicycle adventure

There are several things to be aware of when travelling around by bicycle.

Worth knowing about cycling holidays in North Sealand

You can buy a bicycle map of North Sealand with signposted cycle routes, national, regional and local routes

In many places you can rent a top-tuned bicycle for the holidays and let the old bicycle holiday at home

Bicycles can be included in Local trains and S-trains (free) and the Copenhagen-Helsingør Coastal Railway (against purchase of a bicycle ticket)


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