Experience beautiful North Sealand by bike

Photo: Sarah Green

Royal North Sealand is a kingdom for cyclists. 


Discover the majestic castles on the Castle Route along sea and lakes. Visit tiny coastal villages, where thatched houses surrounded by hollyhocks and cobbled stones take you back in time. Enjoy the peacefulness along the Coastal Route with views of white sandy beaches and crashing waves. Or pedal your way into the deep tranquillity of the forest on the routes 105 and 110 – to the UNESCO World Heritage forests and Denmark's fifth national park.

Work up a sweat or cruise along at a family-friendly pace - everyone can bike around North Sealand. You can rent, borrow or bring your bike. There is no doubt cycling is the best way to spend a unique holiday. The fragrance of the forest and fields, the sound of the crashing waves: Invaluable opportunities await you in North Sealand.

Nyd en aktiv søndag i efterårsskoven....

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