Fisk holdes i to hænder og er fanget i Nordsjælland

Local guides, fishing clubs and tackle shops

Local guides

As a beginner, having a good fishing experience is vital. It’s important to feel a sense of mastery, enjoy some success and develop a belief in your abilities. For this, a guide can be a wonderful lifeline, ensuring that you’re not only equipped with the right gear, but also with the knowledge needed to succeed. Guides can usually be found at Fishing Zealand’s many popular events and events, such as those in connection with the World Championships in Surfcasting and the Sport Fishing Contest, where participants can try their hand at angling. Guides also hold courses for beginners, children and young people.

Local tackle shops

If you need fishing tackle that is tailored to local conditions, some worms or a little bait, it’s a good idea to stop by a tackle shop. The area is home to the following shops:

  • Havhøkeren Nordre Havnevej 9 3250 Gilleleje Ring til os +45 48 30 16 99 Mandag -fredag kl. 10 – 17.30 Lørdag kl. 10 – 16 Søn og helligdage 10-16.00
  • Fisk & Fang, Egeskovvej 21, DK-3490 Kvistgaard,
  • Krogen, Undalsvej 3, DK-3300 Frederiksværk,
  • Helsingør Bådudlejning og Grejbutik Færgevej 2, 3000 Helsingør Telefon: 49214255 Mandag – søndag kl.  8 – 16
  • Local angling clubs

New to angling, need some inspiration for fishing along the North Coast, or would you like to take part in the volunteer stock and water management work? You may want to join one of the local angling clubs or other clubs involved in local fishing activities. The area is home to the following fishing clubs: