Mand og hund fisker ved en sø og kigger efter tang på en fiskekrog

Put and take

Put and take fishing is a fun way to spend a day with your family or friends. In the vast majority of put and take lakes, fish are restocked several times a week.

Put and take fishing is a fun, easy way to spend a day with your family or friends. In the vast majority of put and take lakes, fish are restocked several times a week during spring, summer and autumn. During the winter months, many lakes are closed. The most commonly stocked fish are rainbow trout, which thrive in small and large lakes and are known for putting up an explosive battle when they are on the hook. In many put and take lakes you can also catch brown trout, brook trout, and even golden trout.


But what is the best way to catch them and which techniques will bring the most success?

How to catch trout?

You can fish for trout all year long, but the best months are spring, summer and autumn. When the water is very cold in the winter the fish become highly inactive and the same goes for summertime. If you want to optimise your chances of catching trout, it’s best to fish in the morning before others get there and the water often has a good temperature. Evening fishing before sunset can also be magical. It’s the trout’s last chance for a meal before it gets dark.

Which fishing gear to use?

Fishing gear for put and take fishing is fairly simple and most gear can be used here. Anglers can use the following:

  • Spinning rod between 240-300 cm with suitable reel
  • Braided line (0.10-0.15 mm) or nylon line (0.20-0.25 mm)

Fishing technique

If you want to do active fishing where you continually cast and reel in, small spinners and lures are the most effective. Small spinners in sizes 1-3 are absolutely perfect. They won’t cast very far, but fish also move along the water’s edge. Small lures of 4-10 g are also really good when the fish are a little slow and you want to take your time. The colors copper, silver, gold, black and fluorescent tones are good ones to have in your tackle box.

Fishing with Powerbait can be exactly the right technique in many different conditions. It can be used along the bottom, under a float or behind a bombarda float. Small treble hooks sizes 14-20 are best. The smaller they are, the easier you can hook the fish. Bombarda fishing is probably one of the most effective techniques for put and take fishing. Small bombarda sized 7-15 g are perfect, the smaller the better. The distance between the bombarda and the hook should be around 2-4 m. The more distance between hook and float, the more fish you will catch, because the large bombarda can frighten the fish. Reel in extremely slowly – it’s something the fish cannot resist.

When fishing along the bottom, the best distance between the weight and the hook is 50-100 cm. Most Powerbait are floating and will hover lightly over the bottom, which is perfect for trout who move at lower depths. When fishing with a float, be aware that the floating Powerbait needs to be weighed down. This can be done by attaching split shot close to the hook. Always test whether the weight is sufficient.

The three expert tips:

  • Always locate the fish
  • Fish slowly
  • Use small bait