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Surfing in North Sealand

The surfing areas in North Sealand are among the best in Europe and one of the very best spots at Lynæs, a few kilometres from Hundested. All year round you has the opportunity to catch wind of the sail as you head out from the beautiful area or along the North Coast. 

One of the good things about North Sealand is that you are never far from the coast. The region has 400 km of coastline that offers ample opportunity to enjoy the sea and a wealth of exciting experiences.

Here you will find many small authentic fishing ports, as well as miles of beautiful beaches, many of which have been awarded the blue flag, for its excellent water quality. If you are looking for active experiences, the area is famous for its supreme windsurfing opportunities. If you are more into nature walks, beautiful sunsets over the sea to the sound of the waves, then the possibilities are open here in North Sealand.

Surfing by Lynæs Harbour

Lynæs Surfcenter, at Lynæs harbour, has the best setting for a great day at sea. Here, the shallow water of the beautiful Isefjord, forms a perfect place for surfing and other water sports, such as kite and windsurfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling and more.

Windsurfing is a mix of sailing and surfing. You use a surfboard of approx. 2.5 m. With a sail on which is used on the sea or the fjord. Conditions along the coast in North Sealand and in the Isefjord are perfect for surfing. Here you can find flat, shallow water in the area around Lynæs which is perfect for learning how to surf and along the North Coast, it is wilder, with waves and winds, providing perfect water for the more experienced windsurfers.

SUP | Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle or SUP, as it is also called, is sailing on a surfboard with a paddle in your hand used as a steering gear and propulsion. You paddle forward while standing upright on the board. It is recommended to start on calm water until you have balance and control. It's a fun sport for all ages.

Kitesurfing is among the wild water sports activities. Here you combine paragliding with windsurfing. The power of the wind is utilized in the form of a large dragon, which makes you sail on the water, on a form of a surfboard. Start out with a gentle breeze and on shallow water, then everyone can learn how to kitesurf.

The North Coast of Sealand