Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route Programme for 2019

Walk the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route during summer. See the entire programme here.


Day 1, Friday 12 July

The pilgrims arrive from 10.00-10.30 at Esrum Abbey in Klostergården. Registration and presentation of pilgrim passport (stamped by Esrum Abbey), baggage tags and name tags.

10.45 Welcome talk with Rigmor Baagøe and presentation of co-organisers

11.00 Guided tour of Esrum Abbey

11.30 Lunch at Esrum Abbey

12.15 Tour of the abbey gardens by Niels Henriksen

13.00 Departure for Mårum

14.00 Coffee and cake in the forest

16.30 Reception at Mårum Præstegård vicarage with parish pastor Pia Niebuhr and volunteers

16.45 Church service

17.30 Welcome at Præstegårdshaven, where we will be visited by the Charcoal Burners

18.30 Dinner at the vicarage


Day 2, Saturday 13 July

8.00 Breakfast at the vicarage. Remember to get your pilgrimage passport stamped

9.00 Departure for Annisse

10.00 A visit to Kulsvierpladsen (Charcoal Burner Square) near Duemose

13.00 Lunch at Pibe Mølle Restaurant

14.00 Visit to Pibe Mill, Zealand’s only post mill. Coffee and cake

16.00 Reception in the Garbolund vineyards with Jette Hougård

16.45 Refreshments in the Garbolund yard and talk by Jette Hougård

17.00 Bar opens

17.15 You will be shown to your accommodations

18.30 Communal dinner in the Annisse community centre with locals from the town and area


Day 3, Sunday 14 July

8.00 Breakfast from Rabarbergården in the horse stables at Garbolund. The pilgrims make their own packed lunch. Remember to get your pilgrimage passport stamped

9.15 Morning assembly at Garbolund

9.45 Departure for Ramløse along Lake Arresø

13.00 Packed lunch picnic at the Ramløse Marina

14.00 Participation in Ramløse Mølledag (Mill Day) with locals. The mill provides coffee and buns

15.00 We head from Ramløse Mill to Sognelængen

15.30 Refreshments at Ramløse Sognelængen and historic talk with historian Peter Hansen.

16.30 Accommodations and break

18.30 Dinner at Ramløse Sognelængen

20.30 Bar and socialising


Day 4, Monday 15 July

8.00 Breakfast at Ramløse Sognelængen. Remember to get your pilgrimage passport stamped

9.15 – 9.30 Peter Hansen talks about Ellemosen moors in Sognestuen

9.30 Departure for Tibirke across Ellemosen with quiet walking

11.00 Arrival at Tibirke Church. The pilgrims are welcomed and shown around

11.15 Visit to Stutteri Tirsvæld stables, where owner Søren Grene talks about the area’s history, which is illustrated on the large wall murals of the farm.

12.30 Lunch at Gretely with view of Holløse Bredning

13.30 Visit to the quaint and beautiful gallery “Tibirke Kunst”, where fruit, wine and juice will be served, weather permitting

15.00 Coffee and cake at Gretely


There will be an opportunity to:

  • Relax in the area around Tibirke Church and Gretely
  • Take a short walk, possibly to “Udsigten” (the view) in the characteristic area of Tibirke Bakker, from where – in good weather – you can enjoy a magnificent view that includes Kullen in Sweden. Highly recommended.
  • Learn about sand drifts and the history of Tibirke Church
  • You can purchase beer, wine and water during the day and evening

18.00 Dinner in the Gretely garden

20.00 Concert at Tibirke Church – public admission


Day 5, Tuesday 16 July

8.00 Breakfast at Gretely. The pilgrims make their own packed lunch. Remember to get your pilgrimage passport stamped

9.00 Morning service at Tibirke Church with parish pastor Jeanne von Benzon

9.45 Walk in Tisvilde Hegn with Niels Henriksen

12.45 Lunch and coffee and cake at Asserbo Slotsruin

13.45 Walk to Helene Kilde

15.30 Conclusion at Helene Grave. A bus will take you and your baggage back to Esrum

The programme is subject to change without notice.