Frederiksborg Slot

The Royal North Sealand

Photo: Ann Jørgensen

In North Sealand, we have three of Northern Europe’s most beautiful castles. This is where the kings demonstrated their power and wealth and showed everyone that Denmark was one of the most influential countries in the world. This is why we call it ROYAL NORTH SEALAND.

Kronborg Castle - UNESCO World Heritage

Kronborg is one of Northern Europe’s finest Renaissance castles. It is world-famous as Hamlet’s and Shakespeare’s castle and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Frederiksborg Castle - Museum of National History

Frederiksborg - a unique Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. Picturesquely located in the centre of the castle lake in Hillerød lies Frederiksborg Castle, the largest in Scandinavia. This unique Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV in the first decade of the 17th century, as a testi...

Fredensborg Slot i Dronningens Nordsjælland

Besøg Fredensborg Slot, som Dronningen ofte opholder sig på og som er et af Dronningens yndlingsslotte. Oplev både slottet og den storslåede barokhave.

Fredensborg Palace

Fredensborg Palace is the regents most used residence. The beautiful 18th-century baroque palace was built as a hunting palace for Frederik IV and is today often the setting for large official state visits and family events in the royal family.

Esrum Abbey and Mill

In the 1200th century, Esrum Abbey was the centre of the Order of Cistercians  in Denmark. Today, events for children and adults are arranged all year round in order to experience life in the Middle Ages.

The beautiful castle gardens

The castle gardens are like green cultural breath holes, open to all, with fantastic garden art and inspiration for all garden enthusiasts.

Frederiksborg Castle Gardens

Frederiksborg Castle Gardens are an important part of the experience you get when visiting Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød. The Castle Gardens consist of two very different gardens: The Baroque Gardens and the Landscape Gardens.  The Baroque Gardens is a strict symmetrical design with ...

Fredensborg Palace Gardens

Historical garden complex on a grand scale Fredensborg Palace Gardens is one of Denmark’s largest historical gardens. Long, straight avenues extend from the palace in a star formation, a characteristic of the gardens original French baroque style know from Versailles. Some avenue...

Nordmandsdalen - The Norsemans' Valley

Sculptures in royal gardens often depict gods and goddesses of antiquity. But in Fredensborg Castle Garden you can see a unique attraction: 70 sandstone sculptures of regular fishermen and farmers, as they looked in 18th century Norway and the Faroe Islands. The sculpture group is called N...

Experience the Middle Ages in North Sealand

The Carmelite monastery with the Sct. Mariæ church is one of the best-preserved medieval monasteries in Northern Europe. The monastery was founded in 1430 when King Erik of Pommern invited the Carmelite monks to Elsinore.

Esrum Abbey was founded by the Cistercian Order in 1151 and was of great importance as their spiritual centre in Denmark. Nowadays Esrum Abbey is a cultural centre featuring various exhibitions, among other things. Æbelholt Monastery was founded around 1175 by Augustinian friars. Rumours about miracles at his grave spread far, and through the Middle Ages, ailing people poured into Æbelholt.

Asserbo Castle Ruin

Asserbo Slotsruin Founded by Bishop Absalon in the 1100s as a monastery for monks of the Carthusian Order, the castle was taken over first by the Ki...

Gurre Castle Ruin

Situated north of the road between Gurre and Tikøb. The Central Tower was built at the end of the 12th century, while the outer wall was erected durin...

Dronningholm Castle Ruin

Started by Valdemar the Great (dead 1182) accomplished ca. 1200 by Valdemar Victory.  A solid castleconstruction with moats and drawbridge near Arresø...

Søborg Castle Ruin

When cycling along Cycling Route No. 33, which runs between Gilleleje and Hillerød, you’ll pass Søborg Castle Ruin. Søborg Castle Søborg Cast...

The Carmelite Monastery

The Carmelite monastery and Sanct Mary's Church is one of the best preserved medieval monasteries in Northern Europe. The monastery was founded in...

Æbelholt Abbey Museum

Æbelholt Abbey Museum is located 5 km west of Hillerød. At the museum you can see excavated ruins of what was the largest Nordic Augustinian Abbey in ...

Sct. Mariæ Church

Very well preserved late medieval church in gothic style. The organ was played by the famous composer Dietrich Buxtehude during the period 1660-16...

Marienlyst Palace

Marienlyst Palace is an architectural gem, located just north of Helsingør with a unique view of the Sound. The palace was built in 1588 by Frederi...